Plus Love in a Box – Fall 2014 Review

Woo! A New Beauty/Lifestyle/Everything box!

plusopenPlus Love in a Box
30$ A Quarter – Free Shipping!
Ships via USPS

This box is brand new – it was first announced back over the Summer with an expected ship date of early October. Plus Love is a box aimed at the plus size crowd. Speaking as a plus size lady who isn’t quite so into fashion but who does like the thought of getting a plus size fashion conscious box because reasons, I was thrilled when this was announced. This box was created by a fellow subscription box addict, which to be honest should be a prerequisite for anyone considering breaking into what is essentially a very cutthroat market. I got shipping notification for this on Monday, and it arrived on Wednesday.

pluscardThe first box came with an info sheet that introduces the box, its owner, the items and their price. It’s a wee bit blurry…. I don’t know why I constantly apologize for the state of these cards, you guys know you can’t read them if I post them. It’s futile.

plussamplesAlomune Samples
This is a drink mix for immune boosting. Cold and Flu season is coming so this was included for more practical reasons.

Anti-Monkey Butt Powder
Welp, sometimes friction happens. I can’t say I personally have this problem but I do know several plus size ladies that do. It’s not comfortable lol

pluseyeWet n Wild Cream Eyeshadow – Spiked
This is a cream shadow with large silver glitters. It’s considered a “Kim’s Fav” extra because the owner liked it, not intended to be considered part of the box itself. Personally I love it because I love eyeshadow anyway, though wet n wild is more of a hit and miss brand overall.

plusstockingb.bella Doris Crochet Trouser Sock – Graphite
These are considered “plus size” socks because they fit wider calves and feet, i.e. mine. The argyle pattern is super cute too, the left image is the stockings on my creepy arm. It’s a thicker material too, it almost feels like cotton/a sweater instead of the typical sheer hosiery. Love these.

plusbagGrace Adele Clutch
The info sheet says that Grace Adele, formerly sister company to scentsy, went out of business shortly after all of these purses were bought. There were several variations on colors but this is no less adorable – it’s beautifully crafted, with both mirror studs and rhinestones.

plusbag2The inside is faux-silk linked with a zipper pocket, a regular pocket and a leather insert. It also comes with a strap that attaches to the clasp turning it into a purse 😀

#pluslove in a box debut box - absolutely love it. Adele clutch, knee high socks, eyeshadow and some supplemental goodies. 30$ a quarter for plus size fashion goodies. #plusloveinabox #plussize #plusfashion #subscriptionbox

There was a pseudo theme this box, with the “Little Black Dress,” as everything tends to go with a slightly more formal theme. I have been asked “What’s plus size about this box?” because obviously a clutch is universally flattering, but the socks are for wider calves so that could be considered plus size. For a first box I’d say this is excellent – it’s very nicely curated and everything goes together in some form instead of being a random box of items that couldn’t even be bothered to be cohesive.

I’m a fan. I’ll keep this box for awhile. It’s quarterly too, so I’m very interested in seeing what they do next. When you sign up they ask for your measurements so I imagine there will be customization in the future.

If interested, Plus Love in a Box is 30$ every quarter and the next box ships in January. The website isn’t very professionally done but it is 100% legit.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own.


4 thoughts on “Plus Love in a Box – Fall 2014 Review

  1. I was disappointed in the box. The premise being that this was for plus size wasn’t follow d through on. The socks were the only item specifically plus size, and they were not an interesting color. I wished she would have picked something fun. The powder samples were irrelevant and I won’t use them. The monkey stuff is not in a very usable container, and I’m not pleased with the size. The eyeshadow is about the cheapest brand you can buy, and the glitter wanders. The high value item, the purse, is fine, but not related to plus size. I got it in teal.


    • Yeah I can definitely see how this box would be disappointing. It’s marketed as a box strictly for plus size women yet it had nothing that was plus size specific, unless you could the stockings. The supplements and the packet did definitely seem out of place and random extras. WnW is a very cheap brand, and the quality is veeeery hit and miss.

      Here’s hoping they bring a little more variety to January’s box.


  2. Hmm. I like the look of pretty much everything in this box and I completely get that just because a box is intended for plus-sized women doesn’t mean that it needs to only contain stuff that specifically addresses their size. Having said that though, it seems like they should have maybe a little more of those items? Looking forward to seeing the next!


    • I’m not sure why they didn’t have a specifically plus size item in them, unless maybe the subscribers varied in sizes so much that they needed to send out something more universal. Since it was a first box I think she played it a little safe in a smart way – if an item didn’t fit I’m sure there would be anarchy.

      I hope the next box is amazing 😀


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