Thursday Thoughts

TTGood-copyLinking up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts.

Today’s Topic – Beeju’s life, as told by animal gifs.

Last couple days have flown by. My first class ends this week and as a result I’ve been tied up with final projects, which is why there was no posts for three straight days.

Awhile back Oyatsu Cafe messed up my order and sent a replacement shipment – I finally got that today and went all broccoli cat on it.

tumblr_n1mnlvsJ021qdlh1io1_400I went to the convention last Sunday and was there all of twenty minutes. I drove 200 miles, paid 20$ to get in and left with two alpaca for 10$ each. I was thrilled I spent so little but irritated that I went that far and spent that much in gas and left with only two alpacas as trophies.

My life at work and at home this week can be summed up by this little ginger puffball.

tumblr_mtqo3ccvSl1sewz1yo1_400I have gotten no mail whatsoever in the last several days and I am very concerned. I normally have 10-20 boxes in my review queue by now but I have 4. Just 4. I’ve had those 4 all month. I have shipment notifications but no arrivals. FedEx (see my long rant about them here) has also lost two of my packages, including my textbook for my next class.

I did get Plus Love in a Box and will be reviewing them shortly, but this red panda sums up my reaction to actually getting a box pretty generously:

tumblr_mdqswmbjuF1qz581wo2_250tumblr_mdqswmbjuF1qz581wo3_250 tumblr_mdqswmbjuF1qz581wo4_250

Reviews Coming Soon: Plus Love in a Box, Birchbox, Birchbox Fall Fete, Sample Society
Boxes Coming Soon: Idek everything is having issues this month


16 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I also have questions about the alpacas.


  2. Wait…so you have 2 pet alpacas now? And they’re only $10 apiece? Are we talking about the same alpaca? If so, I want one!


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