Surviving Momhood – September 2014 Review

Surviving Momhood is a new box for mothers and their children, personalized based on your child’s age and gender.

smallSurviving Momhood
30$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships Late in Month via USPS

Surviving Momhood has a different theme each month, the theme for September was “Making Kitchen Memories,” thus a box of baking items. This shipped later in September and took two days to arrive to me, in easily one of the largest boxes that a subscription box has ever used. It’s unreal how much stuff was literally crammed in this box. To be fair this arrived around the 28th of September, it wasn’t late, the fact that this review is in October is a testament to my own laziness.

When you subscribe you’re given several options to choose from, allowing you to personalize the box. There’s a personalization survey – Surviving Momhood makes each box completely different so my box is pretty much guaranteed to look nothing like yours.

Quick tip – I am not a parent of any human child to my knowledge, so this box was customized based on that fact.

photo 2Kitchen Conversions Wall Decal
This is quite practical but actually really neat too – it also matched our decor perfectly so we hung it up immediately. I am terrible at conversions because I have the math skills of a 2nd grader, so this was ridiculously useful.

smtowelKitchen Towels
I dig towels. These feel like burlap – they’re sturdy and not cheaply made in the least. Pretty cute too!

smtartBetter Homes and Gardens Corner Donut Shop Tarts
This gave me the perfect excuse to buy a tart burner. We normally just burn candles because bath and body works, but these smell really good. They’re very cinnamon-y, very spicy and Fall like.

Hersheys White Chocolate Instant Pudding
Hey sweets are always welcome in my house.

Magnetic Page Clips – Cupcakes
CUUUUTE. These are officially the most adorable bookmarks ever.

smcupCupcake Wrappers
I haven’t made cupcakes in ages, but the good thing about cupcake papers is you can use them for lots of different candies, like tarts, pies, candy bars, etc.

Wilton Cake Pop Mold
I have never had a cake pop. I am however, totally open to making them. I always make candy for my goddaughters birthday (literally the one time I get to see her :< ) so this mold would be excellent. I imagine you could also put chocolate covered rice krispie treats or bonbons in it. Wilton stuff is usually versatile anyway.

SMPIGGYPiggy Spatulas
These are tiny little handheld spatulas, ones a standard and the other is a spoonula (spoon/spatula hybrid) but both are absolutely adorable and I love them because of the novelty. These are already well loved in my kitchen. I know I’ve seen the piggy mini-frying pan at the grocery store – I may just have to grab that for ultimate piggy goodness. Maybe I’ll fry bacon in it.

Funfetti Radiant Red
FUNFETTTTTIIII I remember as a kid always wanting that cake with the “dots baked in” but my mom would never make it for me because she didn’t like white cake. As a semi-dextrous adult I am now perfectly capable of making my own funfetti cakes and I do so quite often. This would also go excellent with the cupcake wrappers, and just scream Fall.

smcupsPaper Straws
I’ve never had any paper straws, and they greatly confuse me – how do these not absorb all the water? Seriously someone science me up here.

Hello! Mug
This is a larger, wider mug, and I personally am not a coffee drinker so this was immediately siphoned by my own mother “for testing purposes” as she calls it.

Starbucks Via Latte and Refreshers
I’ve never had starbucks either, but these, like the mug, were instantly siphoned.

smapronHalter Apron
This was the ‘Just For Mom’ extra this month, a halter top apron in animal print. It has an elastic cinched waist, and is a few inches longer than the apron in the FabFitFun box. It’s very nice overall – really soft and cute. Unfortunately I’m a bit too big for it so it too, will be gifted.

smallThis box was full of kitchen goodies. I tend to love anything kitchen related anyway despite spending little time in one myself. I love everything I got and the only thing that won’t be used is the apron, but it will make one lucky lady very happy 😀 Each month is a different theme – again this one was “Making Kitchen Memories,” while August’s was a “Mom Vacation” with an ultra cute teapot. The items are practical, and if you have a kid it’s even better! Woo!

If you’re interested, Surviving Momhood is 30$ Per month for a regular subscription but they also have several smaller mystery boxes for 15$ and a sensory box for kids with special needs. I recommend them – they’re friendly and put a lot of thought into what goes into each box. I’ve had several interactions with the owners and she has always been very kind.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own. No referral/affiliate link.


2 thoughts on “Surviving Momhood – September 2014 Review

  1. I got paper straws in PopSugar and they are kind of weird. Cute but weird. It feels weird to have paper in your mouth and I believe are more “short term.” Meaning, they will work thru a meal or party but I’m not sure I’d leave them in a glass overnight.


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