FabFitFun – Fall 2014 Box Review

Oh dear. Oh dear oh dear.

49.95$ A Quarter
Ships 4 times a year by the bane of my existence, FEDEX.

Chances are you’ve hung around facebook in the last few weeks and have seen a sponsored ad running about that states that “FabFitFun is the highest rated subscription box!” I am here to highly contest these claims. When I think of Fall, I think leaves and pumpkin spiced items from over-scented room sprays to peanuts and every single baked good under the sun. I do not think of this random hodgepodge (totally bringing back that word yo) as very “Fall-esque” in the least. This box feels like a box of sponsored items. Two items actually are sponsored items, which isn’t a big deal but yeah, you’ll see below.

fffcardEach box comes with an info card which heaven only knows why I chose to take the photo this way. My apologies for the very clearly unreadable foldable card which would in theory, be perfectly lovely and adequate if I had taken it at a better angle.

I need to just change the name of the blog to “Sorry for the info cards.”

Also something I need to touch on – this box ships FedEx Smartpost. Normally FedEx isn’t a bad thing to regular folks but when you live in a rural area like I do, FedEx is the worst delivery service you can have. This box took 17 straight days to arrive from California because it kept returning to their Grove City Ohio outpost. I have contacted FedEx in the past about this, there was one package that was lost for a straight month because it was in Grove City hell, and all they would tell me is that it is constantly rerouted back to that outpost until they have another package going to my next closest outpost, which is in Ashland KY. This box bounced back and forth between Grove City and where our driver was going for a straight week – surely some other lone package was headed to KY during that time. Personally I think the driver throws it on the truck then forgets its there, thus scanning it back to “Arrived at Grove City.” I had a full page of “Grove City Ohio” arrived and departed, it was like a horrible love story, but FedEx finally condensed it into one one before updating the tracking to look like it hadn’t moved in a week.

I have great disdain for FedEx. I purposefully don’t order things, be it sub boxes or otherwise, if the company utilizes FedEx because I am guaranteed to never get it by the expected delivery date. I’ve had issues with items being stolen off trucks, sub boxes being delivered to the entirely wrong state, or just being dented beyond recognition. They also arrive in Budget trucks, which is hilarious in its own right.

Lengthy monologue aside (if you’re still here through all that you’re a trooper), let’s get to the review.

fffsoapLaNatura Travel Size Body Butter – 18$
On what planet is a tiny tub of vaseline that smells like sweaty lemons 18$? Ugh.  I do appreciate that it’s an all vegan balm but the scent is very mislabeled. This smells like a lemon tree in late Summer that’s a bit past its prime. It’s not unpleasant but if this is what they believe a pomegranate is supposed to smell like then I will personally ship them a pomegranate to educate themselves.

That being said, it’s a perfectly adequate moisturizing balm. Just overpriced.

Honest Company Bar Soap – 4.95$
I haven’t tried Honest Company items though I’ve heard excellent things about specific goodies – I think they also have their own sub box of their personal products. This is just a standard soap bar that smells like coconut. It cleans like any other soap bar, nothing particularly revolutionary.

photo 1Great Soles Pink Ribbon Ballet Barre Ped – 12$
These are cute enough, but if you’re like me and have feet long enough to rival sasquatch, you have zero use for these. Are they cute? Yes. Will they be gifted? Yes.

Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster – 56$
I have never been so angry at a little overpriced bottle of skincare in my life. I could not get this open. Several assistants couldn’t get this open. I lack either the physical strength, dexterity or motor skills to twist the cap off this damn bottle. Grr.

fffapronJessie Steele Apron – 32$
This was a spoiler (as was the dermalogica) for the box one of the very few pseduo-fall items available. It’s about to be the “cook like you’re competing in an olympic game for cooking” time of the year so this is a practical item while being adorable – but it’s also more adorable for those ladies who are considerably thinner than I am and can get that cute little dress look out of it. I look like I swallowed a thinner woman and am wearing her apron as a pelt.

Yes, I am tall, I am wide, and my feet would make effective weapons. Hence this apron stays sealed and will probably be gifted.

fffchiBeauty For Real True Color Lip Cream – “Always There” – 22$
Fact: If a product has quirky, unique, or cute packaging I will instantly like it regardless of the quality. It could be something completely obscure like motor oil, I don’t judge. This mauvey rose matte lip cream has a doe foot applicator, a mirror on the side, and it lights up. It’s lit up in the photo, E.T. didn’t possess it.

I hate this as a lip product, but I love it as a novelty. Has anyone even heard of this brand? This reminds me of one they’d send in Lip Factory.

CHI 44 Iron Guard – 14.50$
I always need more flat iron spray because I am within constant proximity of a heat styling tool, so this was a welcome addition, but yeah… what’s Fall about this? The candy apple red color? It smells lovely, though. It smells very similar to Beauty Protector’s Protect and Defend if you’re familiar with that brand.

fffgramrGramr Gratitude Co Thank You Card Set and Wax Press – 43$
This is actually kinda neat in a very rustic sorta way. It comes with four thank you postcards, four envelopes, a wax stick and the press itself. I always wanted to do the wax seals though I don’t think my electric servicer would appreciate it. These guys actually have their own subscription service at around 16$~ per month, and there’s a coupon in the FFF box for half off your first box.

I am strongly considering subscribing because I actually like weird stuff like this, despite having all of one contact in my address book and I live with her.

FFFSNACKSMary’s Gone Crackers, Numi Organic Earl Grey Tea – Sponsored Items
I’m not into tea or weird spicy crackers so these are getting thrown at someone with better taste in drinks and snacks.

fffallThis also came with a 3-month subscription to a digital subscription of Fit-Fusion, which is a fitness e-magazine with videos and workouts and motivational goodies. I have zero interest in this because it requires movement. Personally I don’t think you should have to pay for a fitness magazine either but that’s just me being a miser.

So yeah this box was clearly not a win for me – very hit and miss and very not-fall-like in any sense except for some weird pseudo-sense. I know peeps in the facebook group I was in were tripping all over themselves for the dermalogica, so if you’re one of those people, I wish you luck in opening the bottle, but also you’ll be thrilled to know this box is still available and you can get it by clicking here. Use code FALL5 for 5$ off too.

FabFitFun ships out quarterly and this was totally not a box for me so I will most likely be cancelling and putting my 50$ towards chocolate.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own. This post contains an affiliate link.


27 thoughts on “FabFitFun – Fall 2014 Box Review

  1. Is it only old ladies that liked this box? I thought it was great!! But I have small feet and like aprons. Fall is about cooking and baking! Beauty for real is a good brand.

    I am going to go Mutter about youngins.


  2. I keep saying I’m going to unsubscribe from this one, and then I forget. I got the brown apron (meh). I do like the lip gloss, wore it the other night! And those crackers are actually delicious. You should eat them. I thought the stamping set with the thank you’s were super cute too. That was probably the one thing I loved in this box, as it’s not something I would buy, but now I’m so excited to have it!


    • I really didn’t like the texture of the gloss, it felt really uncomfortable on but I love the light. I’ll probably repurpose the brush somehow. The crackers scare me lol I’m not a pepper fan in any form.

      I love the stamping set, I’m probably going to subscribe to their box for awhile because the set is so unique!


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  4. “wearing her apron as a pelt” haha… I lol’ed. This box has never appealed to me and I think it’s because it seems to offer an odd assortment of fairly ordinary things. If I’m spending $50 and waiting three months, I kind of want something special.


    • “Odd assortment of fairly ordinary things” is the perfect descriptor for this box. It’s so… random. There was zero thought about fall at all. I agree about the waiting and spending 50$ thing, it has to wow me – and this clearly didn’t. :/

      Sometimes I have a zinger 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I’m jealous you got the pink apron! I got the brown one and love it, but I’m such a pink girl lol.


  6. I got the summer box and thought it was absolute trash. I couldn’t believe what all the fuss was about. And I feel the same way about this one. There seems to be no curation or sense to any of it.


    • The past FFF boxes look to be quite nice, but it’s like it became an afterthought along the way. I hope they’ll improve but it’s going to take a lot of excellent curation to get my money again. That Summer box looked awful.


  7. Great review. I always thought the same thing; these boxes do not look worth it!


  8. Where I live the best has actually been DHL. They deliver to the right door every time! Which when you live in a house and garage that have been joined, remodeled, then split in a different way to create an unlabeled duplex with no fewer than 6 visible doors on the outside is kind of impressive. Plus I love that they let me put my signature on file and I don’t ever have to wait to sign for something with them again.

    On an unrelated note, if you need a pen pal I have a really alarming amount of stationary and I will totally return your letters in a semi-timely fashion.


    • We don’t have DHL in this area, they get transferred from a distribution center in KY and then sent to USPS for delivery. I used to live in a house that had three different sets of stairs outdoors with 4 different doors, my deliveries would always be at a different one, and one time they were actually on a rooftop.

      I would greatly enjoy a penpal! That’s an old art that seems to be dying off.


  9. I like those thank you cards with the wax! I had a few sets of those when I was a kid and it made me feel like a Lady King when I would seal my letters that way. Which Facebook group are you in? Jill and I are trying to join some.


    • The wax card set was really cute, I am seriously debating signing up for their sub. I never did the wax sealing but I have always wanted to, just a combination of extreme laziness and absentmindedness prevented me from doing it. No excuses now, they provided everything but the fire.

      Subscription Box Addicts is my go-to group, they post unboxings, coupons, freebies, and can be quite snarky when a box goes horribly wrong. I also like Makeup Deals and Freebies which is where I got my Target Box and Walmart Box info.


  10. I had the same *muh* response to the summer box. Bummer, huh? I think Popsugar Must Have rivals this box and it’s $40… It’s interesting to see what companies are able to come up with. Thanks for reporting the Fall FFF for us :o)


    • Popsugar is leagues better than this box, but I have heard of that rivalry. If I had to guess it’s where they’re both technically ‘lifestyle’ boxes. This box would have been infinitely better if it was better curated around a Fall themed, it felt like it was just a bunch of stuff they had lying around.

      Popsugar has my vote, hands down. And thank ye for commenting! 😀 ❤


  11. *sigh* Glad I didn’t give in to Facebook’s ads. For $50 I wouldn’t get this box either. Other than the bar of soap, lip gloss, and possibly the apron (because I love to splash hot oil on myself for some reason), I wouldn’t get much use out of anything. And I totally know what you mean about FedEx. My shipments ALWAYS arrive later than expected and end up taking a month to arrive. I get September’s boxes when October’s are already shipped out 😦


    • I saw two more of those ads this morning. Must be a fairly aggressive campaign. Last I saw, they still had Summer boxes left so I’m guessing FFF has lost its reign as top dog (assuming it ever had such reign). I am slightly okay with the fact that I spent 50$ on a box I bought to gift to other people, so that took care of a lot of my Christmas shopping. I hope Grandma enjoys her soap.

      I got this box in October, which it’s technically quarterly so that’s not a big deal but it’s still irritating. I really dislike FedEx ugh


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