Thursday Thoughts

TTGood-copyLinking up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts.

Not much going on here lately, I’m almost done with my first class at school and it’s been nothing short of nerve killing. The amazing thing is that I’ve learned more in one month than I have in my entire undergraduate career. I guess that’s the intention of graduate school :/

I’m going to a convention this weekend. I go every year with my cousin on a Sunday. I wish we could go on a Saturday but she’s in every single extra curricular in existence so she’s only available one day a week. We end up missing every panel and actor there (Patrick Seitz… one day, one day we will meet), but at least the dealers room is still open. I’m buying an alpaca this year.

I feel like it’s been a super slow month for boxes. I still have some Septembers to do but I’ve had no mail for 4 days in a row. FabFitFun DID finally arrive after a 17 DAY LONG TRIP across the US. One of my Memeboxes that was due to ship in September didn’t actually ship until yesterday. I know it’s because of a Holiday but the Holiday’s aren’t new and you should schedule your shipments AROUND them not just put any date you damn well please. Harumph.

I updated our Wantable post yesterday with info on how to get half off a new subscription or a one time box. Click here to go directly to the deal.

Anyway, later today we have our very first Giveaway! πŸ˜€

Reviews Coming Soon: Surviving Momhood, Birchbox Fall Fete, Mystery Envelope, FabFitfun
Boxes Coming Soon: 1UpBox, Taste Trunk, Birchbox, Plus Love in a Box

Where are my boxes? :< My list used to be 10 boxes large…


4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. I’ve given up watching my boxes delivery schedules, it’s just too frustrating, especially when they ship via FedEx smart post!


    • oh my goodness I hate fedex with a passion anyway but smart post is the bane of my existence. It’s the reason why FabFitFun took over 2 weeks to get here… ugh… fedex..


  2. Thanks for posting that Wantable deal! Gave me the push to finally try the intimates, and I snagged a makeup and accessory as well.


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