Wantable Makeup – October 2014 Review

Wantable is a customizable monthly box, with several different themes.

wantboxWantable Makeup
36$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships via USPS

wantbox2Wantable has several different boxes, Makeup, Fitness, Intimates, and Accessories. You can do a one time box for 40$, or a recurring subscription for 36$. You can add any box at anytime and it’s fully customizable via a style quiz. I’m not a new Wantable member, I had a box back in May, but the collection of goodies changes every month… sorta. There’s a lot of repeat brands but the types of items will probably be different.

wantopenThe boxes themselves are pretty tiny, they are about the size of a standard Birchbox and the items inside are housed between two foam bricks. Your name is on the lid, telling you this box was customized just for you. It’s the little things.

wantcard2The quiz asks you things like if you prefer loose or cream eyeshadows, what color lipsticks, if you like certain colors, etc. It’s pretty thorough. You’ll never receive anything on your dislike list and you’re more likely to receive goodies on your love list. The Makeup boxes come with 4-5 different items and ship out 3-5 days after you order, then at the same time every month if you bought a recurring subscription. The style quiz is my favorite part because you can blatantly tell them not to send you things like mascara if you have 400 mascaras already. You can also return the box if you don’t like the items. It’s a very user friendly sub box.

wantcard1The other half of the info card comes with the items you got that month and their retail price. The Wantable boxes will always be worth more than you paid for them. The brands are much more high-end too.

wantvinVincent Longo Volume Plus Mascara – 25$
This mascara is already worth more than I paid for the box (coupons yo). Sadly it’s also the one item I won’t religiously use. I don’t like tiny wands to begin with, but I have tons of mascara already. I got a Vincent Longo eyeshadow compact in my last box and absolutely love it. I like this brand overall, I probably just shouldn’t have put “Lash Product” on my style quiz. Live and learn. 😉 If you look at the info card, Wantable actually misspells the name. I found that to be a pretty amusing blunder.

wantlipMica Beauty Cosmetics – Berry Lipstick – 24.95$
I gotta debate the price here, this has to be some of the patchiest lipstick I’ve ever owned (swatches below). The “Berry” color this is touted as having is also very off the mark as it’s pure brown. It’s very Fall appropriate though, so I’ll give it that. That is literally the only redeeming thing about this lipstick, the color being right for the season. Either I am grasping at straws or my priorities need a reality check.

wantpigmentEddie Funkhouser Hyppereal  Pure Pigment – Dollicious – 11.99$
This is gorgeous! It’s easily my favorite item in the box. It’s a deep hot pink but it’s very blendable so you don’t look like you just stepped out of the 1980s. It has a lot of shimmer to it, and it sparkles in the right light. I have an inherent love of anything shiny so this was an instant win, despite it being more suited to Spring. Considering they’re only 12$ for a generous little vial, I’ll probably pick up some gold tones.

wanttarinaTarina Tarantino Eye Dream Highlight Duo – Jasper and Agate – 19$
This is one of the prettiest compacts I own but I already have colors super similar to this. Not that it won’t get used though, because it’s super shimmery. They’re rich and buttery and very easy to apply, but tend to be a little prone to creasing. Otherwise fantastic duo in a compact, absolutely gorgeous.

wantswatchClockwise from top – Eddie Funkhouser Hypperlight, Mica Beauty Lipstick, Tarina Tarantino eyeshadow duo.

wantallSo I have one true dud in the lipstick and the rest is up there in the “This will get used” and “This was love at first sight” categories. I could have returned these if I wanted, but with a coupon I only paid 20$ so I’m not out an extraordinary amount to begin with. Update: To get the link, click here to go to our Facebook page and hit the sponsored post. You have to click the link to get the deal, there is no coupon code. 

Anyway, if you want to sign up, you can get a subscription for 36$ per month or a one time box of 40$, and you can choose any theme. The Fitness box works a little differently though.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own. I am not the most descriptive blogger ever, yeesh.


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