Memebox – Meme’s Pouch Review

Meme’s pouch is a Memebox that should have had a pouch, but did not have a pouch, but instead had small items to fit in a pouch, for a pouch which they did not send. Box, you were confusing.

Protip: it didn't arrive like that, I have no self-control

Protip: it didn’t arrive like that, I have no self-control

Memebox (pronounced Mi-Mi-Box) is a super addicting series of Korean beauty boxes. These tiny pink boxes release weeks before they ship, take weeks to arrive because they come from Korea, yet even the most frugal Memeshopper will buy more than one or ten in their Memelifespan. I think I’m up to box 25 now. :/

memecARD1a memecard2aMeme’s pouch was a box that was pseudo-advertised to have a cosmetic pouch with it but did not have said pouch. I think the Memeintention was to be pocket/pouch sized beauty items for on-the-go touchups.

Anyway, Memeboxes come with an info card, front and back, that details the item, its value, and instructions on how to use it. The items are sourced from Korea and are often not in English.

memehairValley Sous Hair Solution Protein Therapy Spray – 21$
This has a memeodor that’s not pleasant in the least – it smells like a sports drink.  Not the good kind of fruit sports drink, the weird kind of “This will make me Superman while subsequently killing my tastebuds in the process” kind of sports drink.

memecreamEvas Rose Mine Perfumed Hand Cream – 12$
This had three options to be randomized from and I got the only one that thankfully smells like a lemon and an orange had a baby out of wedlock. It’s very strong but super absorbent – It’s easily one of the most moisturizing hand creams I’ve ever gotten from a box, and if you’ve been a reader/viewer/lurker for any length of time, you know I get a metric frickton of these. But yeah, I like it.

memehighlightCroquis Alight Pact – 35$
This is a shimmery gold highlighter. You’re supposed to swirl the colors/dots around with a brush to get a full effect. I’m not sure how that’s considered portable/pouch worthy since I personally don’t carry makeup brushes with me because I drop absolutely everything, but it IS a small enough compact to fit in said pouch. It’s shiny. It’s gold. It’s pretty. I dig it.

memebalmDrww Mix and Match – 47$ (?!)
This is a lip and cheek palette with a brush and a mixing “bowl.” It folds closed so it’s wonderfully portable, with a gigantic mirror that attracts oil like sugar attracts Beeju. I’m gifting this to someone who will show it more love, personally I don’t use the lip/cheek hybrids anyway but I prefer my lipstick in actual stick form. It’s personal preference. On that Memenote, why is this 47$? Seems like an overpriced convenience.

memeperfumeEvas by Marait Eau De Perfume – 30$
There was one of three options here, floral, citrusy or fruity. I managed to get Petite Princess which is very floral. It literally smells like a rose garden. It’s not my favorite scent in the world but it is very nice in general. It’s pretty subtle too, just clean.

memepaperEtude House Blotting Paper Pact – 6$
My most favorite item in the box is also the cheapest ironically. It’s the little compact I didn’t know I actually needed. The puff has a small adhesive square on it that picks up one paper at a time. I never pegged myself as an oily person anyway (This sounds odd), but this adorable little compact has been the best thing ever. It’s pretty to look at, crazy functional, cheap, and useful!

memeallSo my favorites are the highligher, the hand cream, and the blotting paper. The lip set will get gifted and the hair stuff… well idk its fate yet. The perfume will get used probably in Spring, since it’s a little late in the year to be dishing out the floral scents.

This Memebox was nice, it was a good variety of items. I only paid 12$ for it thanks to a coupon so it wasn’t an extraordinary investment. It’s not my all-time favorite Memebox (Pinkaholic is vying for that top spot) but it’s in the top 10, easily. It would have been a solid top 5 if it had a pouch with it. The little things.

Memeboxes run the gamut from 12-32$ plus shipping. New boxes are released every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday, each with a different theme. They don’t ship till at least a month after purchase then it’s a waiting game depending on if you got express or regular shipping. I bought this box back in early August and got it late-September if that tells you anything.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own. Affiliate link enclosed.


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