Taste Trunk Sweet – September 2014 Review

tastetrunkTaste Trunk – Sweet Trunk
35$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships Mid-Late Month via USPS

tasteopenTaste Trunk is a subscription service based around delicious foods. They have several different versions, gourmet, BBQ, healthy and sweet. You can change trunks at anytime, or just buy a one time trunk which you can customize to your liking. They ship via 2-day shipping too and look at that packaging! That’s just lovely. And collectable. I like boxes.

The items in the trunks vary, so my Sweet Trunk may not have the same items as your Sweet Trunk.

EPSON MFP image EPSON MFP imageLongest info cards in existence, whoops. The items that aren’t pre-packaged have recipes on how to use them! 😀 Each item has it’s own info card; my trunk contained 5 items, but the fifth card just described the company so it wasn’t too devastating an omission.

tastecandyTorie & Howard Organic Hard Candy – Blood Orange and Honey -$4.99
They sell these little metal tins at my local grocery store and I’ve tried another flavor of theirs but wasn’t a fan. These are nice, they’re very bitter and have zero honey flavor, but a delicious little snack nonetheless.

tastecaramelsLe Caramel – Chocolate Caramels – 6.99$
There are two surefire ways to my heart, and caramels (especially sea salt ones) always take the number one spot. These lack the soft, squishy caramel texture you expect from a tiny caramel square. They’re very chalky but the chocolate flavor is really rich. I’d call these “tiny chocolate fudge pieces,” if they needed a proper identifier.

tastesauceCC MADE Rosemary Caramel Sauce – 5$
This is a thick, heavy sauce with a lovely caramel flavor and a kick from the rosemary. It’s spicier than I expected it to be. I’m not too big of a fan on this one, it’s nice and all but the spice doesn’t sit well with any ice cream flavor other than vanilla.

tastegummiesBlissinger’s Gummy Panda’s – Blueberry Hibiscus – 5$
These were heaven. I’ve never had this flavor combination before, but it was super subtle, but absolutely delicious. Mild blueberry flavor with just a hint of kick, but it wasn’t unpleasant. Seriously, I want like 42 more bags of these.

tastecookiesCarol’s Cookies – Toffee Crunch and Peanut Butter – 5$ Each
These are huge 7 oz cookies, and they are heavy and dense enough that if you were to chuck these at someone, you’d leave a mighty fine bruise. They’re also incredibly crumbly and the peanut butter one literally fell apart in my hands but other than that, they’re absolutely delicious. The peanut butter one tastes just like a reese cup. I gave the toffee crunch one away and it’s recipient absolutely loved it, but agreed that it was really crumbly.

tasteallSo that’s my first taste trunk, a box of lovely goodies, some new found favorites, and some weaponry. What every girl needs, amirite? These goodies come from gourmet vendors who also sell a lot of specialty packaged goodies. They’d make excellent holiday gifts. Hell, the trunk itself would make an excellent holiday gift.

Welp, if interested, Taste Trunk is 35$ per month, you can change trunks at anytime, and the shipping is free. You can also order a one time trunk or customize a special one at your leisure.

Beeju paid for this subscription. All opinions are my own.


3 thoughts on “Taste Trunk Sweet – September 2014 Review

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  2. Hi Beth! I nominated you and your blog for the Liebster award. There’s more info about the award here, http://wp.me/p2Bqe8-iz. I love all the subscription box reviews. Definitely some I haven’t had an opportunity to try, yet. xo Tracy


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