Okashi Connection – September 2014 Review

okashiboxOkashi Connection
22$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships From Japan, Arrives via USPS

Okashi Connection is another Japanese Snack box that debuted this past Spring. It’s easily one of my favorites too, each box comes in at right under a pound of goodies and you never know what you’re going to get. This box shipped out around the 8th and I got it around the 20th.

okashicardEach box comes with an info card now, previously they sent you links to blog posts.

okashipretzMatcha Pretz
Pretz are literally pretzel sticks, and matcha is green tea. These are essentially just like pocky, only with pretzels. This is currently on it’s way to D Lys so I didn’t open them. I’m not a matcha fan unless its in a kitkat.

okashiamerUSA Style Fried Potato Snack
I know I know, what the heck kinda name is that, right? They taste like regular potato sticks, they’re not bad at all, just greasy. Think of these as stick shaped potato chips.

okashicookStrawberry Pakkuncho
These are cookies filled with strawberry filling, and they have Disney characters printed on them. The strawberry filling is super strong, they’re quite delicious cookies.

okashiburgerEveryBurger Dark Chocolate Gummy
There’s nothing gummy about these… they’re very bitter, and the filling inside is like the filling inside oreos. I’d equate these to bitter oreos. I think they may be a nod to the new Death Note burger but I could be wrong. Wrong as in totally different country wrong.

okashicolaFizzy Cola Wata Gum
This is a sheet of cotton candy like goodness that turn into gum once chewed. Okashi sent out a lemon one earlier this year that was amazing so I’m thrilled they sent a cola one. This tastes like coca-cola.

okashionionOnion Taro
These are literally cheese puffs but with onion flavorings. This is another item that’s being sent to D Lys, as I’ve gotten these before and wasn’t crazy about them.

okashicalpisCalpis Tablets
Milk flavored tablets. They melt in your mouth. Quite yummy!

okashipieGenji Pie
These are little pastry cookies, they’re flaky and have a strong sugary taste. This whole tray was gone in .02 seconds, they were that good. I think this comes in different flavors too, and I know it’s a play on a popular bakery staple but I can’t remember the name. :/ Twils? Something like that.

Umaibo are crazy popular in Japan. They’re literally puffed up sticks that are giant cheetos. The left one is some sort of fish flavored one, the middle one with Masamune riding a cow (I don’t get it either) is spicy, and the right one is Rusk, which is sugar coated. It tastes like a donut. If you’re just getting into Umaibo, the Rusk ones are excellent and totally not palette attacking, especially if you’re not into savory options.

okashicookiesThis wasn’t on the info card, but it’s some sort of caramel/honey coated cookie. They look a lot like honeycomb cereal. They were wonderful too, but very hard.

Okashi Connection has always been one of my favorite snack boxes, there’s a good variety of Limited Edition goodies plus a lot of things that will make you second guess the things Japan is into.

If interested, Okashi Connection is 22$ per month and you can sign up by clicking here.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own.


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