HSN Total Beauty Collection Review

tbcTotal Beauty Collection for HSN
19.95 – Free Shipping!

The Total Beauty Collection for HSN box released this past Summer, and is still currently available. It’s not a subscription box, but it is a one time box of goodies on the cheap. This is infinitely better than the boxes Total Beauty Collection has been sending out, and HSN gets it to you in about 2-3 days.

tbctanTan Towel
To be fair, I can’t judge this as a “WHY ARE THEY SENDING ME A TAN TOWEL IN THE FALL” because this is a box from June. Speaking as a not-so-fair redhead, tanning isn’t a word that even graces my Summer. The only activities I do in Summer are “staying inside” and “playing tons of video games.” Either way I have a ton of these towels from subscription boxes so they’ll get passed on to someone who will actually use them.

tbcnyakonyakio Kenyan Coffee Face Polish, Kenyan Coffee Body Scrub, Hydrating Face Oil with Kola Nut Sample Card
I’d never heard of this brand, but personally I find tiny one use foil samplers to be a bit of a bummer, since unless something is the holy grail of beauty products, you’re not going to be able to gauge it by a one-use sample.

tbcybfybf Perfect Prep Face Primer
This reminds me a lot of the Lorac face primer we got in September’s Sample Society. It’s got a nice effect to it that’s not quite matte but not shimmery either.

tbcresinTaya Copaiba Resin Volumizing Elixir
This stuff gets rave reviews. It’s a bit heavy as far as hair products go, it did offer a lot of volume and shininess, but it felt like I didn’t finish washing my hair. :/

tbcserumSerious Skincare Glycolic Gommage Exfoliating Facial
I haven’t had a chance to try this yet, mainly because I have about 32 other exfoliators thanks to Birchbox. I’m prolly gonna gift this one.

tbcrubyRuby Crystal Ruby Falls Sugar Scrub
This smells really good but yeah, I have 400 of these. I find that scrubs tend to dry my skin out so I’m either using these scrubs in the most unintended way possible, or it’s just the one sugar filled thing my face actually resists.

tbcnyxNYX Glam Lip Gloss – Beat Goes On
This is super glittery and a little sticky, but the color payoff is nice. It’s a sheer hot pink but the sheer amount of glitter would be incredibly off-putting to those who don’t want their lips to be reflective.

tbctoofaedToo Faced Lip Insurance Primer
Too Faced is one of my all-time favorite brands. I love absolutely everything from them… except this. I’ve never used a lip primer before this one so it’s entirely possible that I just don’t inherently enjoy them, but this had a weird minty-type flavor. It did make lipstick and gloss look absolutely amazing though, but I just can’t get past the feel of this thing to use it actively. :<

tbcsoapSOAP & GLORY Righteous Butter Body Moisturizer
This is really moisturizing and I love the packaging, but it’s greasy. It reminds me a lot of Jergens, it has the same texture and feel, but the scent is more muted. It smells like every other standard moisturizer, but not as strongly.

tbcallI know what you’re thinking, “Did you even like this box? Why did you buy it!?” My reviews are always mixed that way but I did really like this box overall. I won’t use everything but I felt like the mix of items was good enough, plus you get some very expensive brands for an affordable price. I’m giving away most of this box in some goodie bags so it’s not a total waste.

This box is still available for 19.95$ on the HSN website, and you can get it by clicking here.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own.



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