KitNipBox – September 2014 Review

Aha I am LATE with this review. You only have two days to get in on October’s box at this point, so I am sorry, dear viewers, I have failed you as a punctual blogger.

Depending on Size – Free Shipping!
Ships Early in the Month via USPS

knballopenKitNipBox is a subscription box for cats that is very affordable, and the box is big enough for the kitties to sit in, which is always lovely. This review is of the 19$ Happy Cat box. The other options are a 9$ Starter Box, and a 29$ Multi-Cat.

knbcard2 knbcardKitNipBox isn’t an old company by any means, they debuted this Spring, and very recently started doing “themes.” This months box had a picnic theme.

knbopenThe goodies come housed in a mesh bag. The info card/sheet is at the bottom of the box.

knbinfoThe infosheet details items from all three boxes. The items they send are often made by people from etsy, and as a result they don’t always lists the names of those artisans.

knbgrassPriscilla’s Kitty Grass
Yay seeds! I can never grow enough of this stuff, my cats, especially Luna, is really bad for taking the ENTIRE POT regardless of its size and carrying it around in her mouth. It’s the funniest thing ever. She also loves this stuff.

knbsweetSweet Pea Kitchens Chicken Cat-iatore Treat
These are little supplement sprinkles you’re supposed to put in their food. They loved the smelled but 3 out of 4 cats ate around the little crumbles. This probably would have been better as treat size instead of tiny little crumbles.

knbpillPill Paste
A practical and useful item – I know my cats are the worst creatures in existence when it comes to taking medicine so anything I can do to sweeten the deal is a welcome addition.

knbtoysBeadle Bop & Company Candy
Crumble Ball
Catnip Baguette
Woo toys! Allow me to refer you to the following three photos to determine their reaction to these toys.

knbarte4 knbarte2 knbarteThe baguette caused many a war.

So KitNipBox is a wonderful box for your cats, and they’ll love it. KNB has been known to send out full bags of treats, food samples, and practical items for the cats health too, so the items vary.

If interested, KitNipBox is either 9$, 19$, or 29$, and you can sign up by clicking here.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own.



4 thoughts on “KitNipBox – September 2014 Review

  1. More baguettes available at MauveMoose etsy shop!


  2. haha omg i got this box for my kitty Dexter for his birthday and yes, there were many fights over the baguette!


    • Seems like theres always one item in KitNipBox that causes war, and it’s a really obscure thing, like back in the Summer it was a pillow and now it’s a baguette lol


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