Memebox Restocks!

Memebox restocked a bunch of older boxes during the night, including F/W Colors, K-Style 2, Earth and Sea Cosmetics, Whole Grain 2 and Moisture Surge. The TonyMoly/Holika Holika bundle has also been restocked. Restocks never stay in stock long so get them while you can!

Use code Y7RKVT to save 5$ on any purchase – once per account
Use code G2LB to save 5$ on any purchase – once per account
Get $5 off on orders when you buy 3 or more Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE3
Get $8 off on orders when you buy 4 or more Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE4 

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10 thoughts on “Memebox Restocks!

  1. Was able to grab Earth & Sea, which I had been coveting for a while!


    • I’m waiting on a wakeup makeup restock… I’m kinda bummed I passed on that one during its release :<


      • I just watched a video review of that one and it does look quite nice, particularly the free gift they included. I wonder if that will come with a restock.
        I purchased F/W Naturals the other day, which seems promising… as far as makeup boxes go.


        • I’m hoping it randomly shows up while they’re restocking other boxes. I bought the F/W naturals instantly, it looks like it will be wonderful. Did you go for the Marzia box?


          • I think so too! I hope Wakeup Makup shows up for you.

            I am really not a Marzia fan. She doesn’t seem terribly knowledgeable or that she was all that much involved in the curation of her box. That video unboxing they posted was kind of ridic… like all the products were new to her and she just learned how to pronounce Memebox? Regardless though, I would have grabbed it if it was a good box, but I’m just not that jazzed about any of the items in it. What did you think? Now that I’ve totally ragged on it haha… just my opinion!


          • I felt the same. I like Marzia to an extent, I don’t religiously watch her videos but her collab box DID seem very rushed and very last minute. There’s a ton of speculation too, like she only had so many items to choose from, etc. Plus this box seemed crazy rushed to help dismal sales since their boxes just aren’t selling out in record time like they used to. Either that or they grabbed a ton more stock.

            I didn’t pick it up because it seemed really lackluster, like it was missing that total “wow” factor, like her first box had with the eyeliners. There’s a new collab box releasing today that looks lovely and I’ll probably get it.


          • This new collab does seem more appealing. A few great items in that box. I agree wholeheartedly about Marzia’s. I believe the stock on those boxes was in the thousands. I think they’ll be pushing them for a looong while.


          • I expect Marzia’s to be around until at least Thanksgiving, if I had to take a guess. Last I heard, the stock hadn’t dipped below 4k yet. :/


          • Yikes. It’s officially the new nail polish box.


          • I bet the polish boxes won’t sell out before new years, or they’ll heavily discount them to get rid of them.

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