Orange Glad – September 2014 Review

ogallOrange Glad
21.95$ Per Month
Ships Early in Month via USPS

There are a lot of things I love about Orange Glad – the bakery style goodies, the super fast shipping, the fact that I can eat an entire box in a day and only feel moderately guilty. After subscribing to Orange Glad for the last several months though, I feel as if I keep buying what is essentially the same box over and over.

Which is essentially any subscription box….

…. clearly I didn’t think this through. ONWARD, TO THE REVIEW.

ogcardEach box comes with an info card, detailing the items, their bakery, nutritional information and how to eat them. They’ve been known to send out oddities in the past. When I say odd I mean things that look absolutely delicious but cannot be pronounced by Beeju’s.

ogcoffeeThe Cookie Department – Espresso Cookie
I’m not an espresso fan so I didn’t actually try these. They look delicious though, and I love the “Enjoy Responsibly” warning label. Is that weird, to love a warning? Idk I know it has merit but I thought it was cute. Clearly I take responsibility seriously.

ograspIrene’s Bakery – Raspberry Twists
These are like a morning breakfast pastry. Orange Glad sent out this twists in a different flavor a few months back, and I’m just as meh to these raspberry ones as I was to those. They taste more flavorless than anything, but I bet they’d be excellent dunked in like cocoa or coffee.

ogsbMiette – Lavender Shortbread Cookies
It’s not uncommon for items OG sends to be broken. These are very delicate little cookies and they have a spice about them, as well as being fragrant. Personally I wasn’t a fan, if I going to chow down on a shortbread cookie, I’d rather it not be spiced with odd flavorings.

ogcinSeattle’s Favorite – Big Cinnamon Roll
This has to be the biggest cinnamon roll that’s ever graced a subscription box, which is sad because it was horribly dry. It could be the heat of summer still plaguing some spots (I think OG ships from the west coast), or it could be the batter used for these rolls needed some work. Regardless, this cinnamon roll did little besides be a heavy spectacle. The cinnamon flavor was really nice though.

ogmacStudmuffin Desserts – Jackie O’s
These are chocolate chip meringue cookies, and… yeah one shattered, but that’s not uncommon. OG does package their cookies exceedingly well, but yeah, can’t control some things.

Anyway, these were really light, fluffy and had the perfect balance of sweetness. I could down a whole bag of these, easy.

opall2Soooooo yeah… this wasn’t the most successful box for me from these guys. The boxes themselves are excellently curated and the sweets are usually quite lovely, but after awhile it tends to get redundant. It is one of the most consistent boxes in terms of shipping though, they always arrive around the 4th.

I cancelled. There are a couple reasons for this; how well did I like the goodies? Was anything memorable? How long did it sit in my phone before I wrote this review.

Awhile. I do take my reviews into account, and unfortunately this box just wasn’t high up there on my queue like it has been. So I cancelled. I do still love this box and have every intention of picking it back up in a few months.

Orange Glad is 21.95$ Per Month and you can sign up by clicking here. Use code YUMMY10 to get 10% off.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own. No referral/affiliate link.

3 thoughts on “Orange Glad – September 2014 Review

  1. These all look like things you could get from a vending machine. And not in a good way. :-/ And this is from a girl who will probably eat a row of Oreos later.


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