Walmart/PetBox/Mystery Envelope Mini-Reviews

When BeejuBoxes does Mini-Reviews, it means we only have 1-2 pictures or very little to say, so for the sake of space and not being a total waste of time to our loving viewers (<3) we condense multiple reviews into a single post.

Today’s Mini-Reviews are on the Walmart Beauty Box, PetBox Snack Box, and Mystery Envelope August.

walmartWalmart Beauty Box
FREE! – 5$ To Ship

This box generated a crazy amount of buzz when it suspiciously appeared on the scene earlier this month. It’s a new box from Walmart that’s 100% free, you just pay 5$ for shipping. There were two variations on this box, a “Young” and a “Old” version, as deemed by social media. I got the young version, being as I am a creature of the 1980s.

walmart2This box contained:

Nicki Minaj Perfume Sample
Neutrogena Foundation Card Sample
Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo/Conditioner Samples
Dove Hair Oil Sample
Covergirl Nail Polish (Colors may vary)
Loreal Balm Pencil – Mocha (Colors may vary)
Loreal Pore Vanisher Sample
Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant

This box was excellent for what is essentially very little money. It’s 5$ a quarter, and it appears on your billing statement as BRANDSHARE. You can get two boxes, including an “Old” box, which had a variation on items including Olay face creams, by putting in an older birthdate. These also make excellent care packages!

Note that you will NOT get shipment confirmation or tracking information with these boxes. They just spontaneously show up.

You can sign up for the Beauty Box by clicking here. Walmart also has a Baby Box which has things like diapers, coupons and creams. The Fall box is still available as of this post. The Baby box works differently depending on the baby’s age and the mama’s trimester.


petboxPetBox Snack Box
9.99$ Per Month
Ships Mid-Month via FedEx
Get your first 3 months for 3.34$!

The snack box is a newer offering from PetBox, which is basically just a bunch of treats for your pets, either cat or dog. Unless this is your first day on this blog (hi!) you know I have many cats.

pet2Ironic that my baby, Sophie, who may or may not need to loose a few pounds, loves these things. It’s certainly a change from last month. The other “treat” is catnip in it’s purest form, which they suggest you crumble onto their food or toys. I don’t recommend doing this unless you enjoy seeing your animals do their best stoner impression, hangovers included.

Let’s just say I need my carpets vigorously cleaned.

I suggest getting in on the 3 months for 3.34$ deal while it’s still active, unless you enjoy paying 10$ a month for a bag of treats and a fancy blue box.

mysteryMystery Envelope
4.99$ A Month
Ships Late via USPS

Truth be told I’ve had this envelope for the better part of a month, but I’ve been horribly distracted to learn origami. For August, Mystery Envelope sent out several origami sheets, and instructions on how to make a robin/pigeon (I forget which) thing, as well as two pieces of candy. For 5$ I’m not complaining, but it just wasn’t a subscription I was all that into.

They’ve been known to send out things like bandanas, stationary, and coupons in the past.


Welp that’s it for me – any of these strike your fancy? I imagine the Walmart box has everyone in a tizzy.

Beeju paid for these boxes. All opinions are my own. No referral/affiliate links.


12 thoughts on “Walmart/PetBox/Mystery Envelope Mini-Reviews

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  2. I ordered Walmart box the same night I was up til midnight buying memeboxes. I hope it comes soon. I need that deodorant.


  3. We got the exact same Walmart Beauty Box except my nail polish is black. I really liked this box! My Mom ordered it too and got the older version and she was very pleased with it as well. 🙂


  4. I’m still waiting for my Walmart box to arrive. I admit, not getting an order confirmation or tracking info is kind of making me a little crazy, but it does look like a great steal for only $5!


    • I noticed people started getting them early last week. The box itself had tracking info on it but you get nothing as far as notifications :/ It’s a nice surprise but it also makes it easy to forget since it’s quarterly


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