Mission Cute – September 2014 Review

Mission Cute is easily one of my favorites. It’s a feel good box of cute items. Each box delivers a selection of carefully curated items and donates half of their net proceeds to a different non-profit organization selected by the community each month. Mission Cute very kindly sent us this box to review. ❀

mcopenMission Cute
39$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships Mid-Month via USPS
We wrote a lengthy write up on everything that Mission Cute is about in our July review. To briefly recap that post: 50% of the net proceeds benefit a different non-profit each month, and you get a box of cute items to enjoy! This month benefits Bright Blessings, a wonderful organization that helps homeless children and their families in Charlotte, NC. Check them out, they do excellent work.

mccardEach box contains an info card, the left side detailing the non-profit of the month and the right side detailing the items of the month.

mcgoodGood Vibes Only – Bearsley & Bumski
This notebook has no lines inside, making it perfect for sketching. It’s a sturdy little pocket sized notebook. I love the message too – all too often do I give off “angry little blogger” vibes. C’mon you know I do.

mcpensPositive Pens – Paper Trail Shop
PENS! Matching pens! Good message pens! πŸ˜€ The black pen reads “make it happen,” while the white says “the future is bright.” I never thought simple little pens could make me so happy. They’re black ink ballpoint pens, and they write very well!

mcprintDo What You Love – Sable & Snow
This is a nice, high quality print with a very positive message. I’m hanging this up in my office, stat. Too often do I forget why I’m in college (for the 7th year in a row) or what I’m working for, so this little print is a perfect reminder, and it’s pretty too! mcwatchMissionCute Polka Dot Watch
CUTEEEEEEEEEEE. This is the first thing I saw when I opened the box and I have been wearing it ever since. I’ve gotten a ton of compliments on this watch, it’s so lightweight and effortlessly stylist. Love it!

mcbagMissionCute Drawstring Bag
This is a MASSIVE bag and I LOVE IT. It’s so roomy and the pattern is gorgeous! The card suggests monogramming it too which is an excellent touch! It’s large enough for things like clothing, towels or books, so it’s incredibly versatile.

mcstickersThatch and Thistle Heart Stickers
This was included as a promo for some new packaging designs that Thatch and Thistle did for Mission Cute. These guys do everything from packaging to stationary.

mcallThis box was all kinds of adorable yet classy, with the black and white theme coupled with the geometric patterns. I love how these goodies are cohesive too, it just shows how wonderfully curated this box is. You can also buy these goodies and goodies from previous boxes at the MissionCute shop too.

I know I say it every time I review this box but it’s just so special knowing what this box does, and how it’s so supportive and willing to give back. If you’re looking for a new sub box, I highly recommend this one, it’s a box that simply does not disappoint in it’s curation or purpose.

If interested, you can learn more about MissionCute and subscribe by clicking here.

Beeju received this complimentary box for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.


6 thoughts on “Mission Cute – September 2014 Review

  1. Wow I found a box I’m not going to run out and buy. I bet I will like next month’s. Sigh.


    • They definitely jump from good to mediocre as far as items to. I loved this month so much more than last month – probably because there’s a lot more items I’m willing to use. Next month will probably be wonderful πŸ˜€


      • My fiancΓ© is getting a little wary of all the boxes. I’m like IT’S FOR THE BLOG. He thinks I am ridiculous.


        • Hah I say the same thing… well, sorta, anyway. My mom still has zero idea that I run a blog, or even what a blog is, so I just tell her that people like my photos. She often calls me out, “People like your photos of a cardboard box…?”

          How else do I explain to her that I get 5 boxes a day for no viable reason? Hah


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