Freedom Japanese Market Review

One of my favorite things is seeing snack boxes that are practically bursting with goodies! Freedom Japanese Market is a relatively new snack box that does not disappoint. Freedom Japanese Market very kindly sent me this box to review ❤

fjmopenFreedom Japanese Market
25$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships Worldwide Directly from Japan

Freedom Japanese Market is a newer subscription box in the Japanese Snack game, but it’s already making a pretty big impression. In addition to their regular monthly box which is being reviewed here, they recently unveiled some new options:

Many of our club members have asked for additional boxes for birthday presents, thank you gifts and office party prizes.  We also have received several requests to send extra boxes as care packages to friends and family members (hospital visits, college students, moving house etc.).  Our new service allows all paying subscribers to order extra boxes for a specific month.  These boxes can be shipped to the subscriber, or sent to different addresses – please note that Freedom is not responsible, and will not give refunds for packages that cannot be delivered to the address we are given.  Now our club members can send exotic, yet affordable Japanese candies and snacks to all the people they care about.  These boxes are pretty much the perfect gift for just about anyone.

All the club member needs to do is send us an email ( telling us how many extra boxes they need, and where they need them sent.  We will send them a PayPal link for the total – $25 per box, with no extra handling charges for additional addresses.  If payment is received by the 15th of the month, the extra boxes will be shipped at the same time as the regular subscription.  For orders over 25 boxes, we ask that members please contact us by the tenth to confirm availability.”

Neat! These boxes make excellent presents, especially if you have a Japanese snack lover. They also have a store of individual snacks in case you don’t want a box itself.
fjmcard fjmcandyEach box comes with an info card detailing the items and their flavors. Most Japanese candies don’t come with English flavor names so it’s good to have some warning just in case you’re about to down some squid gummies. This box also came with an origami ninja star!
fjmswaJagabee Salsa Fries and Wasabi Nori
You don’t expect a Mexican option in a Japanese box but the card states these fries are limited edition. They also taste a lot like Tostitos salsa with some added crunchiness. These were pretty nice!
I wasn’t brave enough to try the Wasabi Nori (squid jerky) but I pawned it off on a co-worker who downed it. He said it tasted like spicy beef jerky.
This is a DIY kit where you make a cotton candy type concoction. I got this in another snack box if you want to see how it’s done. I gave this to my boss to use with her granddaughter, these DIY kits are really kid friendly because they have so few steps.
fjmbbqSapporo Potato
These are puffy chips (they look like honeycomb cereal) flavored with different BBQ type flavorings. Idk why there’s a melon on the package but thankfully it just tasted like regular BBQ chips to me. They were a little strong on the scent (Calbee products usually are) but the taste was much more subtle.
fjmorangeKaju Mikan Gummy
These were amazing, and they held up surprisingly well in the heat. They taste just like biking into a fresh tangerine, so they’re a wee bit sour but absolutely excellent! I want more of theseeeeeee.
Umaibo sticks are incredibly popular but I personally only like the sweet ones (Rusk), these are pollock and code roe and cheese. They’re giant hollow corn puffs with different flavorings.
fjmramuneRamune and Super Mario Gum
These little tablets are the Japanese version of smarties. They’re tangy and tart, and fizz in your mouth. Absolutely wonderful! It’s got a similar taste to the drinks according to the info card, so I guess that means I need a drink now. 😉
The gum had an orange taste but the flavor didn’t last long. It was a nice, soft piece though. It looks like the same kind that come in the Marukawa gum packs.
fjmpretz1Ramen Flavored Pretz
Pretz are thin pretzel sticks, that are similar to pocky but without the candy coating. These have a strong seasoning flavor to them that I can’t quite pinpoint but they’re nice and crunchy. This box contained two packages.
fjmcolon2 fjmcolonApple Cream Collon
I like how the info card says “if you can get past the name,” because these little look like you’re chowing down on little colons. These have to be some of my favorite snacks from Japan, they crunchy like cookies with different filling. The apple flavoring is strong, almost like you’re biting into a sour green apple, and just overall delicious. Is there an all collon box? Maybe someone should get on that, hint hint 😉
Osushiya San Gummy Set
Aren’t these cute! It’s gummy sushi that you can mix and match. Each is a different fruit flavor, and you can make some adorable sushi with these. Clearly I missed the crucial part of the info where they encourage sharing your sushi creation, as I just downed them all at once in rabid fangirl fashion. Either way, they were good. The red ones taste like berries, the yellow like citrus and the white are a bit difficult to identify – maybe coconut?
This box ❤ I love Japanese snacks in general but Freedom Japanese Market is a subscription box that consistently delivers the best and most unique goodies. A couple info points about this box:
1. Free Shipping Worldwide
2. About a pound of snacks and candy are packed into each box.
3. We include a contents list with pictures that help our club members identify each of the snacks. We also let you know if any of the products contain nuts.
4. We only include snacks we would eat ourselves, and will only ship boxes we would be happy to receive.
5. Most of the snacks included can only be purchased in Japan.
6. You can use PayPal to secure your purchase.
7. We are always listening to our club members’ (and the general public) ideas. Please feel free to add your suggestions on our Facebook page.
8. You can cancel your subscription at any time without fees or special charges.
It takes around 2 weeks to arrive to the US which is about average for any international box. If interested, feel free to sign up by clicking here.
I highly recommend it! 😀
Beeju was sent this complimentary box to review. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.

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