Memebox Superbox #49 – All About Lips Review

20140919_120212Memebox + lip products = INSTANT PURCHASE


20140919_120242I have zero patience for info cards and normally just chuck them out of the way in my haste to get to the goodies.


RiRe Tick Tock Lip Gloss in Chiffon Coral – $18

This lip gloss is pretty unique. To use it, you need to slightly unscrew the cap, then push down on it. This allows the little paintbrush applicator to pop out at the end of the wand. Nifty! The gloss itself is very, very bright coral. It’s practically neon! It ‘s not sticky, smells fruity, and happens to be one of the shiniest glosses I’ve ever tried. I just wish it wasn’t so bright…


Cheek Room Color Lips in Red – $10

This was my first time trying Cheek Room, which seems to show up in Memeboxes all the time. This lipstick is kind of sheer and has a bit of pearl shimmer to it. I think I’d like it a lot more if it didn’t reek so strongly of cheap rose perfume.


ROYAL NATURE Paint Mousse Lip Lacquer in Hug Me – $24

This is exact same shade of neon coral as the RiRe gloss. Joy! This one is slightly more opaque, much stickier, and NEVER COMES OFF.


Shara Shara Petit Friend Tint Balm in Crown Orange – $8

THIS IS ADORABLE. I felt so bad sticking my finger in it and messing it up. It smells fantastic, but doesn’t have much of a tint to it.

20140919_120650Cheek Room Lip Tint in Red – $10

I adore lip tints. That being said, this is not the best one out there. It simply doesn’t give much of a tint, and what it does give doesn’t last particularly long. Like its lipstick counterpart, this smells like roses. Luckily, it’s not nearly as strong or terrible. For the price, it’s just an okay product.

20140919_120717Very Six 6 Seconds Kissing Lip Gloss – $17

My favorite product in the box! This lightly floral scented lip gloss (it’s actually a good floral scent!!!) goes on completely clear. After a few seconds it changes to give your lips the slightest hint of color. My one complaint about it is that I feel like the tube comes already almost empty. It just seems filled with air.

20140919_121622From top to bottom right – RiRe, Cheek Room Lipstick, ROYAL NATURE, Shara Shara, and Cheek Room Lip Tint

20140919_120838This box was far from perfect (two identical looking neon products ugh…), but I still will find a use for everything I got. I’m curious to see how this box will compare to the upcoming Lipstick Box I have on order. Hooray for lip products!

D Lys purchased this box. This post contains an affiliate link.





8 thoughts on “Memebox Superbox #49 – All About Lips Review

  1. How much was this meme box? I keep reading about them… Haven’t bitten the bullet yet.


  2. shoot, i can’t remember if i ordered this one or the lipstick box. I know i ordered something lip related…. i guess this is a sign i should stop ordering? maybe?


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