Memebox – K-Beauty Wrap Up No. 1 Review

Memebox (pronounced Mi-Mi-Box) isn’t a subscription box, but is a themed mystery box of Korean beauty items that are as addictive as sugar (or your addiction of choice; I won’t judge). Memebox very kindly sent me Special # 22 K-Beauty Wrap Up No. 1 for review. ❤


Memebox is a bit different when it comes to beauty boxes. All the items are Korean, and the boxes themselves have different themes. Some are skincare heavy, others are a mix, some are makeup and some are just odd. There are several different types of Memeboxes (usually discernible by price) and you can see them all in our Colorbox #2 review.

This particular box is from mid-August. From Memebox’s website:

“We spritzed, powdered, lathered and puckered up our way through thousands of products- all to find the ultimate 2014 K-beauty collection! This beauty box is loaded with only buzz-worthy K-Beauty skincare staples, makeup must-haves, hair and body essentials, and other beauty breakthroughs that were the hallmark of K-Beauty in 2014! You’ll enjoy true K-beauty with all these beauty expert approved goodies, and have all the tools to recreate the hottest Korean looks of 2014!”

memekcardmemekcard2Each box comes with an info card detailing the items, their price and use. Since the goodies are sourced directly from Korea the instructions may not always be in English.

memegoopSecret Nature From Jeju Cream – 31$
This is made with all kinds of odd ingredients like broccoli and asparagus, and it has a consistency that’s a mix between a gel and a lightweight cream. I’ve been using it as a daily moisturizer and there’s things I love and dislike about it –

Love –
1) It’s very highly moisturizing
2) It’s color correcting
3)  It’s sooooooothing
4) It lasts all day

Dislike –
1) It makes my face do this weird peely thing.
2) Doesn’t absorb quickly.

Literally those are my only hangups, after awhile my skin peels in spots which either means it’s supposed to do that or I’m having some weird pseudo reaction to it. Either way I love this stuff. It’s effects are instant and long lasting. This stuff is magic in a jar and you need it.

memekoilThe Skin House Dr. Clear Magic Stick Roll – 22$
This is a roll on spot treatment that treats practically any sort of skin issue you can think of. It’s quite oily so I don’t think putting oil on oil is a good idea. It does help dry skin spots but this is a temporary reprieve. Basically it’s a “quick touch up” stick. Nice to have!

memeksunOSEQUE Dual Sun Block – 46$ (!?)
This is a huuuuuge bottle of sunblock with two nozzles, one spray and one standard. It says it’s natural and good for all members of the family, which is nifty, but the NEATEST THING is the dual ended nozzles. Seriously that’s amazing.

memeperfumeSecret Key Body and Dress Perfume Mist – 10$
This was chosen from a random 7 different scents and this one appears to be very floral/rose scented. It reminds me a lot of febreeze in feel (don’t act like you’ve never accidentally doused yourself in febreeze) and lingering scent. This would be an excellent travel item.

memeperW.HOLIC Roll on Perfume – 21$
Omg this is amazing in so many ways. It’s a rollerball, but this scent is very subtle, fruity yet feminine. I love how it literally won’t smack you in the face with overpowering notes of roses or gardenia. It’s a very lovely scent that’s also all natural with no irritants or alcohol.

memelipRiRe Lip Manicure – 18$
Isn’t this cute? It’s also the tiniest brush in existence but you don’t need a lot of dexterity (thankfully) to work this little wonder. There were 7 different shade options and I got 03, Deep Plum, but it’s more of a fuschiay-coral (excellent descriptor Beeju), and it is crazy pigmented. One swipe is ALL that’s needed out of this little super bottle. I only had it on briefly as a test and it left a permanent pinkish tint on my lips. Basically, it’s good. Go get one.

memeall2I can’t even begin to tell you my love affair with this box. That Jeju cream ranks WAY up there on my all-time favorite item list, and the lip manicure has already been siphoned by D Lys. This box was wonderful and if it happens to randomly show up in a restock I strongly urge you to grab it.

There’s a lot of great things about Memebox too – not only is Korean skincare some of the best in the world, but Memebox is one of the very few boxes that ship to 45 different countries, making it a truly global box. Memeboxes vary in price from 15-35$ before shipping, and new boxes are released every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Use code Y7RKVT to save 5$ on any order! Woo! I have a big post of Memeboxes here, most of which are still in stock.

To keep up with Memebox, feel free to like their facebook, where they hold very frequent contests for Memepoints, which are same as cash.

Beeju was sent this complimentary box for review purposes only. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received. 

20 thoughts on “Memebox – K-Beauty Wrap Up No. 1 Review

  1. I read your review before ordering the version 2 they just released today 🙂 I hope it’s just as good!


    • I’m debating getting it, I LOVED K-beauty wrap up 1 but I’m wary over 2 because I’ve got so much skincare already… but… but 1 was so good… arg decisions


      • I have so much skincare now, too… but I have not bought as many boxes as other ladies have, so my stash is probably smaller in comparison. I just love trying new products, and Korean skincare is my favorite. My skin looks better now than it did in my 20’s. If you have the money, I say go for it. If you don’t – it’s not worth the debt.


  2. I wish I could see the different nozzles in the sunblock. That sounds genius.


  3. Treating oil with oil is actually very acceptable as long as it’s a high quality oil. The Spot treatment though is just that, a blemish stick


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