Thursday Thoughts

TTGood-copyLinking up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts.

Today’s post is more about lots of silly nonsense because I am considerably late with this post this week. It’s also a continuation of “Out Of Context Bullets” from last week!

  • We got our new fridge installed, but then the faucet had a crack in it, the waterline wasn’t installed correctly, the dishwasher door won’t open, and the front door won’t close.
  • I have a tophat and cane but no pocket full of miracles
  • My eye appointment went quite well but I am still banned from all eye makeup to the point I will probably have to toss my expensive mascaras
  • Someone found my blog by searching for “willpower” I think you’re in the wrong place buddy
  • My boss installed a new printer in our office that I have to share with my co-workers and I am just not having it because to get to it requires movement and I am one of those “if it’s not in my immediate vicinity it’s not getting done/touched” kinda secretaries
  • I didn’t think it was possible for a steakhouse to serve horrible food considering they had such a good track record but that was a colossal waste of 25$
  • I unsubscribed from Orange Glad and quietly shed a tear as I did so
  • Memebox is releasing “back in stock” boxes tomorrow and my wallet is not ready
  • I need to start getting up earlier and using that instyler I just paid a small fortune for
  • They are building an ulta and a hobbylobby near me and I came thisclose to applying for a job but missed the chance because my eye exam took like 6 straight hours
  • I got invited to a job fair at a mortuary
  • I ordered some country ma’am cookies from ebay over a month ago and they’ve still not made it 😦
  • I ordered 30 Rusk Umaibo because those are delicious
  • I got waitlisted for September Pop Sugar box when I subscribed Sep 1st? Are they even sold out yet?
  • One of my favorite bloggers is having a baby soon! Congrats Brandy at MommySplurge! ❤

Reviews Coming Soon: Freedom Japanese Market, Memebox, Orange Glad, KitNipBox (it’s sad how long I’ve had this one stuffed in my phone), Ipsy, Another Memebox, HSN Total Beauty Collection, Okashi Connection, Lip Monthly, Mission Cute, Love With Food, Mystery Envelope, Graze/Nibblr Mini-Review
Boxes Coming Soon: Boxycharm, Walmart Beauty Box, PetBox, Taste Trunk Sweet

I knew I was a little behind but whoa my queue filled way up fast


2 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. “Memebox is releasing “back in stock” boxes tomorrow and my wallet is not ready”

    Right?? I think I need Memebox Anonymous. I’m sorry your house is up to no good! My roof is leaking right now, but I rent so at least it’s not up to me to deal with it.


    • Memebox Anonymous would be a room of enablers, it would be horrible and wonderful at the same time.

      My house needs to stop rebelling against me and get used to all the new. When we got the dishwasher fixed yesterday it ripped up a huge patch of flooring so now that’s another repair. Our kitchen is gonna look gorgeous though, lol.

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