New Princess Memeboxes + 5$ Codes

It’s a good day to be a Memebox addict, or bad, depending on your financial situation and how much you love Disney. If you listen closely, you can hear Beeju vehemently sobbing in the distance.

memeprinMemebox released new Princess Memeboxes during the night, with special VIP pricing until they release to the public later today. Below the links are some coupons and a few tips on how to get better deals.

Princess Ariel – 29$

Princess Tinkerbell – 29$ (tinkerbell is a princess?)

Princess Cinderella – 29$

Ariel + Tinkerbell Value Set

Ariel + Cinderella Value Set

Tinkerbell + Cinderella Value Set

All 3 Value Set

Memebox also released a new section on their site for “Secret Deals,” hidden behind a painfully obvious banner –

Back to School Hope Girl + Nail Shop #1 + Royal Beauty Lip Lacquer – 37$

Back to School Hope Girl + Nail Shop #3 + Royal Beauty Lip Lacquer – 37$

Mission Impossible + Royal Beauty Lip Lacquer – 23$

Both of the Hope Girl sets are ready to ship with free express shipping upgrade. You get two boxes, plus some lip gloss/stick/stain hybrid thing for a discount. Use the codes below to get an even larger discount.

Other Boxes – New + Restocks: 

Citrus Care

Global #17

Luckybox #10


Wine and Cheese Cosmetics (Warning: Spoiler Inside)

Hair & Body 4

Rose Edition

Chocolate Mania

Banila Co.

Holika Holika (Warning: Spoilers Inside)

Citrus & Banila Set

Long Lasting & Step-by-Step Skincare

WTF & Wine and Cheese

Some Money Saving Tips –
Making a new account will instantly get you 2$ in Memepoints to spend
Buy from an affiliate (like Beeju /shamelessplug) and get 3$ off – This is for a VIP sale only and will not work on every box
Buy a value set to get more money off the boxes plus get free express shipping upgrades

Pay with Paypal and take advantage of their Pay After Delivery option – It gives you 14 extra days to get the money in your account for the boxes. It’s hit and miss with Memebox, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. If it’s successful you’ll get the option during checkout. Paypal will remind you when payment is about to come out.

Coupons –
Use code Y7RKVT to save 5$ on any purchase – once per account
Use code G2LB to save 5$ on any purchase – once per account
Get $5 off on orders when you buy 3 or more Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE3
Get $8 off on orders when you buy 4 or more Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE4 

This absurdly long post has been brought to you by Beeju and Memebox. Many affiliate links enclosed.


15 thoughts on “New Princess Memeboxes + 5$ Codes

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  2. For at least two weeks now I’ve told myself I wasn’t buying any more until November. I think my longest streak is something like 4 days :/
    I was relieved when I saw these because I don’t usually go for the princess stuff, but then I made the mistake of reading the Ariel description and of course it sounds amazing. I’m still trying to keep it together though because I’m sure the restocks on Friday are going to hit me hard!


    • I didn’t buy a single box in July and resisted until the end of August… then it just went WAY downhill from there. I bought all three princess boxes because I missed the first set. I’ve been buying a box a week on average. Ugh. Those Friday restocks are going to kill me I know it. I’m hoping it’s boxes I already have.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’m so impressed with your willpower in July and August! How did you do it?? I’m up to 11 boxes in the span of a month. I just references my spreadsheet (because that’s normal) and today is my exact 1 month anniversary. I don’t think I realized it’s only been that long haha. I wish us both luck on Friday!!


        • I was pretty much broke in July and August from tuition and a very sudden car repair so I had to resist. What kills me is that Memebox started the addiction themselves back in July – my first box from them was a complimentary review box and then the addiction spiraled out of control in the worst/best way. Oof. I can’t keep track of what I have ordered, I know I have two scheduled to ship this month but they won’t get here until October. The rest I bought were express shipping because bundles.

          I am both excited and worried about tomorrow’s boxes. Eek.


  3. I am going to resist the new princess boxes but I caved earlier this week and bought the wine & cheese and WTF set.


  4. It’s definitely a bad day. Ariel is my favorite and my financial state is not favorable to any spending until the 24th. Hopefully this gets brought back because I’m sure it will be sold out before that!


  5. Wow Memebox is sure bringing every kind of box possible out. im quiet tempted though! they enablers! x


    • If I had to guess it’s because they haven’t sold out of their boxes from two weeks ago (or more) yet, so they’re bringing out the big boys to boost sales. Then there was that whole delay in the 5$ codes too.

      I bought the value set of all three because I have zero self control.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I wish they brought back their $15 and $10 off coupons, Man! i was on a spending spree back then! I know exactly how you feel im the same always spending then regretting later because of the holes its burning in my pockets Ahh Yikes! But i couldn’t resist! 😀 hehe


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