CraftWhat!? – September 2014 Review

So it’s 1AM on a work night, and you’ve just woken up from a successful 4 hr nap. What’s a girl to do? Why, craft of course.

10$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships Early in Month via USPS

CraftWhat!? is a more unique subscription box. You get a box of random items and are tasked to make a craft out of whatever is inside. CraftWhat!? very kindly sent me this box to review. ❤

cwcardEach box comes with a card, front and back with inspirational ideas. This month was “back to school” themed. What I love is that there are no wrong answers when it comes to what you make with this box. There are no instructions, no how-to’s or anything. Totally up to your imagination.

cwmaterOur materials were some chalkboard paint, chalk, googly eyes, 4 corkboard coasters, a glue stick, 4 binder rings and a paint sponge.

cwproI started by punching a hole in the top of the coasters because I knew I wanted them to link through the rings. I saw a lot of other people make catepillars but with no children in sight I wanted to make a “grown up” (I’m being generous) version of a… well I wasn’t sure what I was making at this point. I also had no idea that chalkboard paint was a thing.

cw1All done. It took around an hour to fully dry. It was then that I realized I had made a grave error and could not connect all four pieces together without another set of holes. Remember how I said I wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box?

cwalmostI thought that maybe I had made a wind spinner type thing but corkboards are far too porous to be outside so I went for the next best thing since it is technically a chalkboard/corkboard hybrid

cwdoneIt can be a fridge calender! It can be a note keeper! You could also flip over a coaster or two so it could double as a corkboard, if you left it unpainted like I did.  If you had a magnet to glue on the back of it, it would make it much more steady. It’s already very lightweight and prone to movement, but I like it.

I tossed the glue stick and the googly eyes, I’m not creative enough to figure out what to do with those. Well I supposed I could have made Stick Stickly’s long lost cousin since I also had a random paint sponge leftover. I fully intend on using the remaining chalkboard paint on a pumpkin, or at least trying to because come on, a pumpkin chalkboard? GENIUS!

CraftWhat!? is a fun box, and it’s relatively cheap too. Each month is a different craft, and I love how it can be tailored to all ages.

If interested, CraftWhat!? is 10$ Per Month (starting, there are other options) and you can sign up by clicking here.

Beeju was sent this complimentary box for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.



4 thoughts on “CraftWhat!? – September 2014 Review

  1. This looks fun for wintertime when I refuse to go outside after dark.


  2. What a neat concept! I love that they don’t send any prompts, but just let you have at it.


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