Total Beauty Collection – Anti-Aging and Bombshell Review

That’s a bit of a conundrum, an anti-aging bombshell. Total Beauty releases limited edition collections from time to time, and this one had a special coupon making each collection 10$ over Labor Day weekend.

tbcallTotal Beauty Collection
20$ Each
20% Off with Code SALE20
2 Boxes for 30$ with Code 2FOR30

These boxes are mixed together, so I honestly have zero idea which is which. I bought the Anti-Aging and Bombshell grab bags so they may have varying items in them regardless. There is no info card. Normally the Total Beauty Collection boxes have separate boxes for each set but I guess since this was a grab bag it was easier to just haphazardly throw everything into a huge box with some pink squiggles.

I’d do it. It’s how I package presents for my friends. HAPHAZARDLY AND WITH SQUIGGLES.

tbcbalmNeutrogena Naturals Lip Balm
I don’t know why I took this photo separate compared to the rest of the set (I am admittedly not the brightest crayon in the box) but I have to comment on the packaging here. This is 99.9995% packaging. WHY. Also it smells like vaseline and bees.

tcbsampRandom Samples
These range from suntan lotion to eye cream. You’ve technically got an entire face prepping regime in this set. I’m also not identifying each of these itty bitty things mainly because the samples are so small they can’t really be judged based on the single use. You can click on the photo to make it bigger if interested.

tbcPur~Lisse, Nelson Beverly Hills Argan Oil Styling Conditioner, Semi Di Lino Hair Treatment
Somehow I am not surprised to see pur-lisse in this box. Honestly it’s been in 92% of the boxes this Summer. At least we know which companies are incredibly PR friendly in the future. The styling conditioner smells absolutely horrid but works okay. It says it has like 22 benefits but I just see it was a styling spray. The Semi Di Lino is wonderful. It smells good, works good, etc. I’d buy a full size but it costs more than my cats last vet appointment. This review is turning into a train wreck, can you tell?

tbcrevRevlon ColorStay Eyeshadow Palette – Sea Mist, Nail Polish in idk some weird nude color
I am very heavily biased against anything Revlon because of a bad reaction I had to their foundation many a year ago. These colors are more muted/uncomplimentary than I like and this nail polish is just god awful on color. “Why yes I do want my nails to be the exact color of my skin, thank you.” Yeesh. I’m sure some people are into that but not Beeju. Beeju likes shiny. I also have zero idea what the actual name of this polish was (something Taupey) because I had it all of .02 seconds before throwing it (haphazardly) into a care package and shipping it to Atlanta.

tbclipRevlon ColorStay Lip Butters in Some Bright Neon Pink Abomination and Pink Lemonade, Plus NYX Roll on Shimmer in Silver
I should probably just stop writing at this point, I’m far past the point of no return on being super biased. Clearly “Some Bright Neon Pink Abomination” is not the correct name for this lipstick but it may as well be because this is a BRIGHT pink that no one in existence could pull off without a whole lot of extra supplemental lip products like balms or gloss. It is super pigmented with a texture not unlike the NYX butter lipsticks. The Pink Lemonade version is more of a sheer lip balm. It’s not bad per se but it’s not my favorite lipstick in the world and certainly not a go to.

The NYX roll on shimmer reminds us that you too, can look like a disco ball with minimal effort.


Would I buy these grab bags again? Honestly probably not. I did get way more value for what I spent (the revlon lipsticks are like 8.50 each) but I know I won’t use all of these. I do like the variety of items though. They did technically give you a complete look from head to… well chin, I guess.

Well anyway, if you got through this review you’re a trooper and you can sit at the big kids table. I promise this isn’t as bad of a box as I made it seem, I just personally wasn’t a fan because it had brands and items I didn’t care for in colors I didn’t care for. Some of the boxes on Total Beauty do have product or full reveals but most are just random grab bags.

Here’s hoping you enjoy yours more, if you get one.

Beeju paid for these boxes. All opinions are my own and I am going to go get a twix and calm down.


7 thoughts on “Total Beauty Collection – Anti-Aging and Bombshell Review

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  2. I commend you for your reviews. I read far too many subscription review sites that never have anything bad to say no matter how craptastic the box is. I appreciate your candor.


  3. Hahah! This is one of the most honest reviews I have read in a while. I am sooo glad these sold out before I could purchase them then! With a review like that, my $20 is much happier in my wallet. I am also proud to say, that I can now sit at the big kids table.


  4. Love this review πŸ˜€ Go grab your twix, you deserve it for having to review such a Revlon-heavy box (also maybe a little biased).


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