Allure Sample Society – September 2014 Review

ssboxitselfSample Society
15$ Per Month – Free Shipping
Ships Fifth of Month via UPS

Sample Society recently underwent a revamp where they changed everything about their box. The curation, the item types and brands, even the box itself changed. They went from a very skincare heavy box to a good blend of both makeup and skincare while focusing on both prestige and drugstore brands. Unfortunately it seems as though they’ve transitioned back into the skincare range with a slight hint of random this month.

ssopenboxEach glossy cardboard box comes with a mini-mag written by Allure’s editors, detailing each item, why they picked it and how they suggest using it. Personally I love the mini-mags, they can be quite snarky.

sshairAlterna Caviar Repairx Re-Texturizing Protein Cream
This is basically a shiny smoothing balm for your hair. It’s quite potent, with a scent that I really do not find enjoyable or pleasant. The mini-mag describes it as a citrus but I’d describe it as more of a floral scent. It’s not light for those of us with thick hair, and weighs it down a bit. I will say it’s good for styling though, as it did give a nice silky sheen.

ssdhaliaGivenchy Dahlia Divin
This is a very strong floral nighttime fragrance. It’s ‘nice’ in the sense that it’s a very warm scent, but it’s just overpowering.

sstarteTarte Brazilliance Self Tanning Face Towelettes
Oh boy, tan towels.

ssloracLORAC POREfection Mattifying Face Primer
It’s a clear gel that has a bunch of skin perfecting benefits. I don’t really care for the feel, as it tends to tighten and it feels slightly drying in spots, but I’ll use it because it does make foundation look really super smooth and pretty.

ssrestorseaRestorsea Revitalizing Eye Cream
This was the big spoiler item as it’s worth a small fortune as far as eye creams go. It’s a hydrating cream that also reduces wrinkles. It has a small spoon in the bottom of the carton, which I totally missed because it was right in front of my face and I am completely oblivious to even the simplest of things. I like that it’s free of parabens and it has no fragrance whatsoever, but I found it no more hydrating than any other eye cream.

ssallSo this wasn’t a super successful box for me. Sure it had a huge value with the eye cream solidly putting it at the 100$ mark, but a box is only worth what you’ll use. The only thing I’ll actively use is the LORAC, and the tan towels will probably go into the abyss of a vanity drawer.

Well if you’re interested, Sample Society is 15$ per month, and they bill once the box ships around the 5th of each month.

Beeju paid for this subscription. All opinions are my own. No affiliate/referral link.


2 thoughts on “Allure Sample Society – September 2014 Review

  1. “Oh boy, tan towels” – LOL that says it all. I felt the same about this box…so sad to have a bummer month so soon into the revamp.


    • Yeah that was disappointing. I thought that maybe after the restorsea and the tan towels spoiler that maaaaybe the rest may redeem itself but “Oh boy, tan towels” was as excited as I could get about this month lol


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