Blue Velveteen – September 2014 Review *UPDATED 10/29*



Many of you are familiar with BlueVelveteen, a newish beauty subscription that I first advertised back in August. Many of you also signed up through me based on our review, then all hell broke loose. To briefly recap, those who received pre-release boxes (myself included) were given extra items without our knowledge. We reviewed the boxes as they were sent, believing them to be the same boxes that everyone else would be getting. When regular boxes started shipping and the items were few and far between if not different entirely, the mass cancellations began, effectively sending BlueVelveteen into a downward spiral from which it simply could not recover.

BlueVelveteen has issued a statement, which is still in the process of being sent to current subscribers:

“I have decided that I no longer want to be involved in the sub box industry and will be closing. Aside from that, I have been experiencing health issues as well and apologize for the lack of communication.

I have an open investigation regarding “trolling” and cyber bullying, and I was advised to remove my social media handles due to the harassment and slander that was being posted over the past two months. I am currently working with my website provider to find the best way to close the site without limiting the ability to refund. A formal letter will be sent this week once we have a final conclusion. This will also include information and a timeline regarding refunds due for October.

Thank you.”

It’s unfortunate, but expected. I wish BlueVelveteen’s owner(s) good luck in their future endeavors.

19 thoughts on “Blue Velveteen – September 2014 Review *UPDATED 10/29*

  1. I have heard weird things about this box this month. They had been very unresponsive to facebook questions/emails about boxes, etc. I don’t have this box but I reached out to them on twitter to see if they were still around. They apparently are but their website and stuff all seem very… um… amateur? This box makes me a little nervous to subscribe to.


    • Yeah that’s understandable, the site definitely isn’t professional looking. It’s been a battle with this box, well, personally I’ve not had any issues but it began when the September boxes started arriving and regular subscribers had fewer items. Massive drama ensued and BV had to issue cancellations and refunds. BV used to be very active on facebook/twitter/instagram but became stagnant after the drama broke. The box is still around, I just barely paid for October, but I have no idea when it will ship. I got this September box early because I signed up for the pre-release. As far as I know, some people still don’t have their September boxes.

      I’d definitely give them a few months to work out the kinks and let the drama completely dissipate. Right now everyones anxious to see if BV will do better or worse this month.


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  4. So if I bought this box today(9/11), will I get the September box or the October box? Ps. Thanks for the code ; ) Found your page via the off topic Tina post in the FCS group. Love your page! I had no idea there were so many subscription boxes! I love it and am slowly signing up for as many of these boxes as my little wallet can afford, lol.


    • Awww I’m glad you found me! 😀 ❤ They sold out of the September boxes this morning so you'd be getting the October. The code doesn't expire as far as I know.

      Subscription Boxes is dangerous, it's crazy fun but ouch, wallet pain.


  5. omg yay!!! i’m signing up right now!!


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