Memebox – My Cute Wishlist Review

mcwOh Memebox. My weakness. Cute stuff. My weakness. Mystery boxes. My weakness. Actually almost everything is my weakness. You’d be harder pressed to find something I’m resistant to.

Memebox is a very highly addicting Korean beauty box that has several themes, sizes, prices and shipping times. They ship often a month or more after purchase. I don’t even remember when I bought this box but it’s one of the very few Memeboxes that has sold out in record time. Cute sells, yo.

mcwcard mcwcard2Each Memebox comes with a Memecard I’m sorry that details the items included, their use and price. Since the items are sourced directly from Korea the items included may not always be in English.

mcwpadsPure Smile Neco Punch Point Pad – Hibiscus and Lemon Grass – 2$
If you buy any number of Memeboxes you’re guaranteed to get items from the Pure Smile brand. These are pads with concentrated medicenes that you put on your face and body that need extra help, like oily patches. This seems to only help oil prone skin. The lemon grass one has a very strong odor but the hibiscus is okay. I didn’t notice any discernible difference in my skin before or after.

mcwbalmEtude House Sweet Recipe Candy Stick – Sour Lemon Candy – 5$
Etude House is one of the premier brands of Korea, known for their quality and cute packaging. This has next to no coloring whatsoever though it is hydrating. I’d equate it to a cute looking chapstick.

mcwmaskPure Smile Muddy Girl – Charcoal – 1$
There are braver bloggers out there who willingly use and love mud masks. I am not one of those bloggers.

mcwhairKocostar Split End Therapy – 6$
Eeeeeee the little hair band is adorable! This is a more unique hair product because you don’t need to wash your hair before or afterward, according to the card. It did leave my hair softer and it smells like shampoo, though it felt like my hair was gunky so I did end up showering after. At least I got a cute hair tie out of it.

mcwminia;t Fox Mini Cupcakes – 6$ Each
Cuuuuuuuuuute little cupcakes! Each color does something different.

mcwopenThe purple one is a whitening and moisturizing gel that’s supposed to remove dark spots and even tone. The yellow is a standard moisturizer. The red one is a wrinkle and under eye cream.

I’ve tried the purple and the yellow and honestly they seemed to have the opposite effect than advertised. I immediately needed to apply more moisturizer because my skin dried out in record time. The purple also seems to have some sort of beads in it. They’re mighty cute little cupcakes and very ineffective, at least on my skin type.

mcwsharpBeauty People Snow White Special Edition Season 2 Eyeliners – 54$ and some random plastic sharpener
This same eyeliners were advertized in the Cutie Pie Marzia collaboration box very shortly before the My Cute Wishlist box shipped so a lot of people got duplicates. I kind of wish I was one of those people because these eyeliners are fantastic.

mcwlinersThese are in metal tones, in a metal case, and velvet lined. They’re really lovely.

mcwcloseThey have quite a large amount of shimmer, go on very smoothly and do not smudge at all. I love the range of colors, they’re all colors I’d personally pick. I’m not sure I’d pay 54$ for this set though. As nice as it is you’re paying for the novelty of the tin itself. From what I’ve read Beauty People is a bit of an expensive brand anyway.

mcwpenEtude House Missing U Hand Cream – Fairy Penguin – 5$
Whatever is on the animals stomach is the scent you got. I will never understand exactly how a penguin equates to the scent of cotton. This came in three other colors/styles as well. Sadly I got the one scent I really greatly dislike. At least the penguin is really cute.

mcwallThis wasn’t a super successful box for me despite the inclusion of really adorable products. The only things I’ll actively use are the liners and the candy cane balm, and those two products combined are triple what I paid for the box (coupons yo) so I’m happy. It’s a nice box overall, just not for me. My Cute Wishlist is currently on its third iteration and I did buy the third box so hopefully it’ll be better. Cute packaging can’t always make up for usefulness I’m afraid.

Memebox releases new boxes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday so you’re sure to find something you’ll like. If I could make a recommendation, the TonyMoly box looks great. TonyMoly is known for cute and those products are very high quality so it’s a good one to look forward to.

Beeju paid for this box. All opinions are my own. This post contains an affiliate link.



9 thoughts on “Memebox – My Cute Wishlist Review

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  3. I will totally buy those cupcakes off you! Or swap if you are looking for something from another recent Memebox 🙂


  4. Omg I love these boxes!! I wish I could afford them. Maybe my cats will get me one for Christmas haha


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