Walmart Beauty Box – 5$ box of goodies

The Walmart Beauty Box is out, and it’s absolutely free – you just pay 5$ shipping. This is a newer beauty box, and it’s quarterly. At 5$ a box it’s practically a steal. My guess is it will probably only include brands found in Walmart stores. I’d grab this ASAP before it sells out like the Target one did.

Of course I have no proof that it will sell out because the Target one sold out in .002 seconds but at 5$ a box I wouldn’t hesitate.


15 thoughts on “Walmart Beauty Box – 5$ box of goodies

  1. I typically don’t use much drugstore makeup but I use a lot of drugstore toiletries like deodorant, makeup removers, razers, shave cream, so I signed up. I figure if even two items in the box are good, then it’s already more than covered the $5 shipping.


    • Yup I’m the exact same way, I only use drugstore toiletries, mainly because they’re cheap and convenient. I figure even if there’s stuff I won’t use in this box, which is highly likely, I can make gift baskets or give it to someone to who will use it. I’m really excited for the box!


      • Just looking at the sample they showed, I would use a few things in there and maybe pass along a couple to my mom. Plus it’s another fun box to review that we only had to pay $5 for. 🙂


        • Cheapies can be goodies! I wonder if that picture was of the first box or just a promo? Either way at 5$ I’m thrilled with it ;D I was thinking of getting one or two more and sending them to my Aunts. If they’re mainly toiletries items, they’d make good care packages.


          • I honestly think they’ll be more toiletries than cosmetics. Anytime I’ve gotten free samples from drugstore sources, they are almost always toiletries — typically there are a lot of hair products.


          • I wasn’t really expecting cosmetics except maybe that revlon mascara that made the rounds this Summer in about 62 different boxes. I imagine they’ll prolly be a mix of sample and full size products with coupons to buy the item in Walmart stores


          • I bet at some point we’ll see some polish. They put sinful colors in the Pinchme boxes too. But I’m guessing maybe a lip balm, mascara or polish in the cosmetics category.


          • Probably, I wouldn’t expect anything big like blush or foundations. I wouldn’t mind more sinful colors either, thanks to pinchme I’ve accumulated like 15 bottles lol. I wouldn’t mind something from the hard candy brand but I highly doubt that’ll be in there. I imagine it’ll be pantene/dove/suave samples and revlon/maybelline/covergirl.


  2. I totally wanna sign up too 🙂 thanks girlie


  3. Thanks so much for this post! I just signed up! 🙂


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