Memebox – Waterproof Makeup Review

Memebox (pronounced Mi-Mi-Box) is one of those boxes that has an uncanny ability to draw you in time and time again just when you think you’ve kicked the habit. I don’t know what it is to be honest, the boxes usually have repeat item types but it’s probably the mystery of it if I had to take some kind of hypothetical guess. Then there’s that whole “I’m getting an excellent deal” thing.


Memebox happens to be one of those boxes that reminds me that I have little to no self-control. This little pink box filled with Korean beauty goodies has me in such a stronghold. The annoying part is that Memebox themselves started this habit by sending me the Colorbox #2, and I subsequently bought this box myself. My name is Beeju and I am a Memebox addict.

Anywho, this is the Waterproof Makeup box. It went on sale many moons ago, sold out many moons ago and contains all full size makeup items.

waterinfo1wateringo2I swear I have the ability to take better photos. I know most don’t even read the little info cards but it’s that whole “I’m technically a graphic designer yet I can’t even take a straight photo” thing that gets me. Anyway each Memebox comes with a front and back info card detailing the item, its name and usage. Since these boxes are curated and sourced straight from Korea, they may not always have English names or directions. I have a tendency to stockpile my cards.

waterbbRubelli Water Glow BB Cream – 24$
This gives off that “I just vigorously washed my faced repeatedly” glow when applied. It blends in easily but is entirely too thin and watery for my preference. It has a tint to it that’s maybe a hair lighter than normal beige foundation would be. It does blend but it still gives off color.

waterlinerColor Bucket Flash Pop-up Geller – Black Geller and a random sharpener
This had one of 10 possible choices and I got the most generic and most everyday wear friendly of the bunch. I would have rather had a bolder color since every beauty box in existence sends out black eyeliner, but this is supposed to be very blendable, waterproof, and gel-like. Memebox threw in a random pencil sharpener that’s unlisted for this and another item below.

watermasCheek Room Curl and Long Last Mascara – 9$
I’m still on a “NO EYE MAKEUP/CREAM/CONTACT/ANYTHING” hiatus from an injury awhile back so I couldn’t use this if I wanted. As far as mascaras go, this brush leaves a LOT to be desired. I normally like fuller wands. The mascara tube is absolutely huge though, and I love the satin/matte finish on the tube.

watersunvbbloEnesti UV Cut Sun Block SPF50+PA+++Pink – 15$
That name was obnoxious to type…
Anyway sunscreen is one of those things I don’t use, mostly because I am still quite naive to the benefits of it. It says to use it at the first stage of makeup application. Sunscreens are a dime a dozen so I’m hoping there’s something special about this one besides the packaging.

waterpenY.E.T. Mission Impossible Lip Marker – Tiffany – 12$
This is a wild little thing. It’s a smooth crayon on one end and a felt tip marker on the other. You’re supposed to use the red tip then smooth the pigment in with the marker itself. It’s entirely too RED red for me so I’ll be passing this on. It looks neat enough though.

watershadowCroquis Eye Shadow and Blusher – 17$
I never got the whole “dual item” thing. This is an absolutely gorgeous peachy-pink shimmer eye shadow shade but a horribly patchy blusher. It is absolutely waterproof too, it took a good 20 minutes of scrubbing to get it off my hands. I adore this color though and it’s nice a subtle. Very creamy and easy to work with too.

waterallThis wasn’t my absolutely favorite Memebox ever (Cacao holds a special place in my heart) but it was alright for the first box I outright purchased. I love that eye shadow stick more than anything, and while the rest of the box was mostly a dud for me, I only paid 7$ for it (all hail the mighty expired coupon) so I am more than satisfied.

Memeboxes sell out very quickly depending on type and range in price. I would highly recommend you get a value set where you can get express shipping. I purchased this box in June, it shipped early August and I didn’t get it until last week. They release new boxes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays so you’re sure to find something you’re into.

Beeju purchased this box. All opinions are my own. This post contains an affiliate link.


13 thoughts on “Memebox – Waterproof Makeup Review

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  2. I only wear black, dark brown, or dark blue eyeliner, so I wish I would have gotten black! lol! I got a pretty, darkish pinky color, but I know I will never use it with my warm yellow skintone. 😦


  3. I felt the same way about that shadow stick. Great for the eyes but i could never use it as a blush!! I got the hot pink eyeliner, and it is BRIGHT.


    • Ah geez, nothing is ever subtle with Memebox is it? At least it’ll make for some halloween goodies or it could double as a marker? Some of these liners look to be channeling the 80s and 90s

      That shadow stick is horrible as a blush good gracious


  4. I got the seafoam color of eye pencil and I am really glad now, I didn’t think they would send out the black! I am also super addicted to memebox ;__; My wallet is sad, but my heart is happy.


    • I was totally unsurprised that I got black. I wanted the blue one but eh … black is okay I guess but I’ll probably never use it.

      My wallet already died a painful death after the first three Memeboxes. Then again after the next three.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. So totally agree with you…. memebox is so addictive!!! trying so hard to kick the habit! I think it’s…. been 10 days since I last bought a box? 0.0 in need of a memebox anonymous support group


    • Yeah… I buy one every other payday or so. I try to stop myself but I end up convincing myself that I REALLLY need that chocolate themed box or I REALLLLLLY need that berry box. I think the support group would quickly turn into a group of enablers lol


  6. I loved this review it made me giggle, your far too right Memebox is very addictive and somehow keeps drawing you (Me) in. Even though i say to myself nooo More but i always end up buying again lol This was one of my fave boxes but then again im a makeup Junkie, i have far too much makeup but i cant stop! and probably wont stop! Great review shame you got it so late though! 😀 x x


    • I tend to love makeup boxes in general but I think it’s where I am on a ban of eye products that getting eye products inherently upsets me lol. I have more makeup than I’ll ever use in my lifetime but it came from a box so somehow that’s okay ahaha

      Yeah next payday I am getting that makeup 2 box. Memebox just keep siphoning money from my wallet

      Liked by 1 person

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