New Memeboxes!

Chocolate Mania – I wonder if this is the pseudo successor to the Cacao box? Makeup Edition #2

Chocolate Mania and Makeup 2 Value Set

Just Gellin’
Blackheads No More
Very Berry Box
Luckybox 10

Nailshop 3 – Vivid Pop
Nailshop 2 – My Fair Lady
Nailshop 1 – Party Glitters

Back to School Hopegirl

Berry, Blackheads, Gellin Set
Berry and Gellin Set
Berry and Blackheads Set
Berry and Gellin Set

Nailshop Vivid and Fair Set
Nailshop Glitters and Vivid Set
Nailshop Glitters and Fair Set
All 3 Nail Set Value Set

OMG3 and K-Style 3 Set
OMG3, K-Style 3, My Cute Wishlist Set

Anyone have any 5$ codes for September? Are you picking up any boxes? 😀

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8 thoughts on “New Memeboxes!

  1. I JUST received my first Memebox (will review soon!) and I’m already wanting to order another one!! So yes, if you get/hear of a new $5 off code for Sept. that would be awesome.


    • Oooooo I can’t wait to see it! 😀

      I don’t think they’ve released anymore 5$ codes, at least I can’t find any yet. I am actively looking though!


  2. Chocolate mania or Berry box? Ahhh Memebox always comes out with boxes right when I enter my “no buy” phase! So much for one box a month 😦


    • You’re a Memebox fan too?! My gosh you’re just awesome all around 😀

      I had that problem too, they come out with boxes I REALLY REAAAALLY want when I can’t afford them/am trying to save lol


  3. ARGHHH. I want the Chocolate, Gellin’, and Berry so. bad. But I have like 10 on the way to me and probably shouldn’t. whatodowhattodo.


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