Memebox – K-Style Cosmetics Review

memeopenMemebox (pronounced Mi-Mi-Box) is a series of one-time Korean beauty boxes. They range in sizes and styles and each has a different theme. These boxes are highly addicting once you get started. This is the K-Style cosmetics box, and each item is full size and based on the looks achieved by Korean celebrities. Memebox is known for doing boxes of skincare than cosmetics, so when this box appeared I jumped on it.
With Memebox, new release boxes ship around a month after purchase. This shipped early August and was subsequently lost in customs hell and finally delivered last week. It’s also smaller than a typical Memebox usually is.

memecard2 memecardEach box comes with an info card detailing the items, their use and price. The items are sourced directly from Korea and may not always have instructions or names in English.

mememasA’PIEU Full of Nature Mascara – 3$
I get a ton of mascara from subscription boxes so this remains unopened. I like that the card gives a tip to curl your lashes first, then zig-zag the brush for the best results. Maybe I’ve been applying mascara wrong this entire time.

memeblushShara Shara Feminine Single Blusher – Warm Apricot – 7$
How adorable is this!? I tend to lean more towards oranges and corals in general anyway so I was really thrilled to get this color. It goes on very sheer and has no shimmer at all. It’s very natural looking and easily blended.

memelinerRiRe Luxe Auto Gel Eyeliner – Champagne and Cocoa Brown – 28$
These are full of shimmer and very creamy. I really love the champagne one but the cocoa is a bit too dark. They do smudge a bit but they’re nice.

memestickClose up. The champagne is much more warm toned than I expected. It’s very golden.

memepigBbia Pigment – Sweet – 5$
This had three possible options and I am just thrilled that I got the golden toned one 😀 I love all things gold toned and shimmery so this just totally made the box for me. You can use the pigment as is or make your own cosmetics with it. A little goes a long way with this vial. It’s slightly iridescent, very, very shimmery and easily overdone if you’re not careful.

memelipSecret Key Sweet Glam Tint Glow – Juicy Orange – 24$
LOVE. This was super intimidating at first because the stick itself is pure orange but it goes on like a lip balm and feels very hydrating. There is a slight deposit of color but it’s much more coral than the stick suggests.

memeccawesome Aqua Radiance CC Cream – 29$
This has a very watery consistency and is a medium light color. The card says it doesn’t change colors but it does moisturize and blend in pretty nicely. It gives a very dewy sheen. I’m not sure this is something I’d readily reach for but it’s nice.

memeallI really loved this box. It had so many things in it I loved and will actively use. This particular box isn’t available anymore but K-Style 3 current is. Each box is different so K-Style 3 won’t have these particular items, but it’s a good indicator of the types of items it might contain.

Memeboxes vary in price depending on the box. I bought this box without a bundle or express shipping so it took right around 3 weeks to arrive. If you can get express I highly recommend it.

Beeju purchased this box. Affiliate Link enclosed.


5 thoughts on “Memebox – K-Style Cosmetics Review

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  2. I tend to be picky about makeup so I stay away from Memeboxes that are makeup themed. Love that lipstick though!


  3. great stuff. I’ve resisted these, but I may need to reconsider. The adorable packaging just kills me… even if that blusher wasn’t the right color I could see myself just keeping it because it’s so adorable.


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