Escape Monthly – August 2014 Review

lmboxEscape Monthly
49.99$ Per Month

Ships around the 15th Via USPS

Escape Monthly is a “vacation in a box” where every month is a different destination. This months was Paris. I’m a huge fan of anything Parisian, and have a steady collection of Eiffel towers (including two you’ll see in this review),  and I have a rather large rug with a giant Eiffel tower on it.

emcardThis comes with an info pamphlet detailing the item, its cost and use. There were a couple variations on items and flavors this box. You can also win a vacation to the destination if you find a ticket in your box. They announce the winners on their facebook.

emdijoinEdward Fallot Dijon Mustard
This is neat. Dijon mustard isn’t something we keep on hand due to it being pricy. The thing about these boxes is that you won’t always get just beauty or lifestyle items, you’re very likely to get food items too. I love that! I know some people got tampenade instead of this mustard.

wmmintsL’Abbaye De Flavigny Gourmet Candy
These are more like mints, and are tiny little pebbles of teeth shattering goodness. The Rose flavored ones taste like you’re sucking on a perfume bottle but the scent fades pretty quickly. Others got a lemon variation of these. Either way I dig ’em.

emhandInstitut Karite Paris Shea Hand Cream
My gosh I really dislike the scent of this. It smells so much like a random “gift basket because I didn’t know what to get you” item. It has such a strong floral scent that I can’t stand to use it. Anyone want to trade scents? This had 3-4 variations.

emjellyBonne Maman Strawberry Preserves
They sell this in gift sets at big lots in a variety of flavors. It’s still really good though, we chill it and put it on toast. Good strawberry flavor.

emcookiesPierre Biscuiterie French Butter Cookies
These came in different flavors too. It contained two packets of cookies. These taste exactly like the Danish butter cookies you can find in the blue tins at Christmas.

emgiftNuxe Body Scrub and Shower Gel
The shower gel smells SO good. It lathers like any other shower gel but it smells amazing. I haven’t had a chance to use the scrub yet but I hope it smells exactly like the shower gel.

lmparisPocket Paris Guidebook
It’s a hefty book about all the landmarks, shopping, and things to see during a Paris vacation. Many people loathe getting the full version because each does feature one of these guidebooks. I guess if you never planned on visiting you wouldn’t need it.

emallMy first Escape Monthly box was pretty successful. There’s a mini version of this box that’s a cheaper price, with less items. I loved everything except the hand lotion. Next month’s box will be Puerto Rico themed. If you’re interested, this box is 49.99$ Per Month, but you can get 20% off for life by using code YOURESCAPE.

Beeju paid for this subscription. No referral/affiliate link.


4 thoughts on “Escape Monthly – August 2014 Review

  1. Another really cool box! You find the neatest boxes!! :o)


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