Okashi Connection – August 2014 Review

okashiallOkashi Connection
22$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships Early in Month from Japan

Okashi Connection is a 22$ Per Month Japanese Subscription Box! Truth be told this box arrived about a week and a half ago, but I split the box in half and sent it to D Lys so she could enjoy it. As a result, this review will have both of our opinions ;D

This month the box came with an info card, not pictured because I honestly lost it. #BloggerOfTheYear. Forgive me, I’m winging these names.

okkitThe last two months, Okashi Connection has had an add on option and I took advantage of these vanilla ice cream kitkats and they were amazing.
These kitkats were 8$ extra. You could freeze them or eat them as is, I chose as is and they were creamy and had a nice vanilla flavor. There were other options, including getting a few boxes of the Cookies and Cream bakes from last month. The add-ons are totally optional.

D Lys: There’s a polar bear on the wrapper, so I just assumed these were polar bear flavored. They’re very, very sweet and the vanilla flavor is quite strong. Mmmm…polar bear.

okkoalaKoala’s March Banana Filled Chocolate Cookies
D Lys: I’ve seen the regular chocolate filled ones at my local Five Below, but these banana ones are a million times better. The banana cream inside is DELICIOUS. I NEED TEN BOXES OF THESE.

okramenCrispy Ramen Noodle Packets
D Lys: I’ve only tried the one on the bottom left so far. I have no idea what flavor it is, but it tasted pretty decent. I love crunchy snacks, so I quite enjoyed this.

okcrackerTakoyaki Flavored Ottoto (Seafood Crackers)
D Lys: This box comes with two pouches of crackers. I love sea creatures. I wanted to love these adorable crackers (there’s even a squid shaped one!!!) so badly. Unfortunately, the seafood flavoring was just too strong for me, and they actually smell stronger than they taste. I only managed about 3 tiny crackers before I had to stop. I would absolutely love these in a plain variation.

okcotomLotte Cotton Candy Pastries
This has an official name but I truly don’t remember it. either way this is a box of little pastries filled with cotton candy flavored filling. I think this may be a special edition festival version.

okflakeThey were very flaky and messy, but veeeery delicious. Quite tangy too.

okconeGlico Giant Caplico Panda (Cookies and Cream)
This is a giant ice cream cone treat; the “frosting” is a type of meringue cream. The cone is just a chocolate flavored wafer. I didn’t much like the cream but the cone was great! The cream had an unpleasant grittiness about it.

okcountryHello Kitty Special Edition Country Ma’am Cookies – Chocolate Vanilla and Strawberry
Ah geez I love these cookies. They are still some of the best cookies I’ve ever had. This set had several of each flavor, and the Hello Kitty ones were pink. If you can find these anywhere I strongly suggest ordering them. They’re thin soft cookies and taste homemade. Absolutely delicious. 😀

We love Okashi Connection. There’s such a nice variety of treats and goodies 😀 They’ve not been in the Subscription Box game very long but they’re making a pretty big impact to us. If you’re just getting started with Japanese snack boxes, this is an excellent starter box.

If interested, Okashi Connection is 22$ per month and you can sign up by clicking here.



2 thoughts on “Okashi Connection – August 2014 Review

  1. oh my. everything looks so delicious.


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