PetBox – Snack Box Mini-Review

petboxsophiePetBox just unleashed snack-editions of their popular boxes and through a recently posted deal which is still available, you can get 3 months of this box for the price of one, bringing the cost to 3.32$ per month. This is obviously the cat edition, and that’s Sophie staring into your soul with her creepy dark eyes.

PetBox SnackBox
9.99$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships via FedEx

Click here to get 3 months for 3.32$

I have had an ordeal getting this box from FedEx. We very recently got 911 addresses and as a result, our address automatically changed in all the shipping databases and THAT has confused the ever living hell out of any delivery person ever. He drove by our house on Tuesday and took this back to dispatch, only to return on Wednesday, ask for directions and be led to a town 40 minutes away in a different state. Thankfully those kind people took it to the post office, and the worker met me with it. Sheesh. FedEx has lost many a package of mine before. I’m still waiting on a 10$ credit for a Christmas Tree that got lifted from their truck last year.

Ahem.. moving on:

petboxfoodThis box contained two treat bags. Pet treats are notoriously expensive (at least if you’re picky like my cats are) so this seemed like a pretty decent deal. It also contained a promotional card detailing how to share with them. Both of these were made and sourced in the US.

On the left is Natural Balance Perfect Bites – Salmon, while the right has InClover Smile Dental Health Treats. Both are soft treats and smell like rotting fish carcasses, but all soft cat treats do. Cats dig that smell.

petboxarteMy cats tend to dislike soft treats in general, I couldn’t tell you why exactly, but all four, even as kittens, would never eat soft treats. These were no exception. Not a single morsel from the teeth cleaning bag was touched, but they did nom a couple of the salmon ones. I did end up having to retrieve the uneaten ones after they vacated the area and went into a wild zoomie fest.

The only thing I would change about this box would be to allow the option of soft or hard treats. I know that not all animals are as horribly picky as mine are, but maybe if there was one of each type instead of two soft this box would have been more successful. I know, I know, I’m nitpicking a 3$ box. I’m sure the next months box will be better overall, but the remaining treats from these bags are going to a neighbors cat.

Anyway, the promotion is still on, so if you want a snackbox you can get it for 3.32$ by clicking here. They have the options of cats or dogs and your first box usually ships out right away.

Beeju purchased this box. No referral/affiliate link. Beeju whines a lot about her cats I am so sorry.



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