New Memeboxes – My Cute Wishlist 3/K-Style 3/OMG3!

It wouldn’t be Monday without some new Memebox announcements, luckily they’re the 3rd versions of very highly coveted boxes!


My Cute Wishlist 3


K-Style 3

All 3 Value Bundle

OMG 3 + K-Style 3

My Cute Wishlist 3 + OMG 3

My Cute Wishlist 3 + K-Style 3

These are currently at VIP pricing meaning you get a small discount on them until they release to the public later today. All 3 of these boxes have sold out in record time in the past so get on this if you want it. My Cute Wishlist never comes back in stock and is always the first to go.

Get $5 off on orders when you buy 3 or more Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE3
Get $8 off on orders when you buy 4 or more Memeboxes: MEMEBUNDLE4
5$ Off any Order – QIC7SA (Once Per Account)

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10 thoughts on “New Memeboxes – My Cute Wishlist 3/K-Style 3/OMG3!

  1. Memebox is like beauty crack to me. I had to order My Cute #3 (I already have 2 on the way) and if #1 comes back in stock I’ll order that as well. I have 6 boxes on the way already…


    • ahaha! I love that, Memebox is such an addiction oh my gosh.. I have Cute 1 and 3, and K-Style 1 and 3. The ones I ordered just baaaarely hit US soil. Altogether I have about 10 on order…

      I was perfectly happy at 4, what happened


      • I don’t think any of my boxes have shipped yet and they are slated to come in different months. Along with the Cute #2 & 3, I have scentbox floral,global #16,Earth & Sea Cosmetics and Snow White Box. I had promised myself to stop at 3, but obviously that didn’t work out. On the bright side I used coupon codes on all of them so at least they weren’t too pricey. 🙂


        • Yeahhhhh… I said I’d stop at the 4 I originally ordered but that totally didn’t happen. I’ve got boxes until November coming at this point, ugh. Coupons and memepoints are really enticing, it’s so not fair lol


          • Yeah my boxes are coming through November as well. I guess the bright side is that it gives us a lot of blogging material at a fairly low cost!


          • True! 😀 Cept with the way it’s going there’s going to be blogging material through next Summer if they keep releasing boxes like this


  2. I already have OMG/My Cute Wishlist 2 on their way but I am tempted to order those two again! I need to buy the cafe box too.


  3. I grabbed My Cute Wishlist. I was good and resisted the others! But seriously. I am going to need to lock up my credit card soon.


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