Love With Food – August 2014 Review

Guess who is a Latey McLaterson (and Lamey McLamerson) with this review? To be honest it’s been sitting in the queue for weeks now. We tend to not review boxes immediately after getting them but with our one review a day thing, certain boxes come first and certain boxes keep getting pushed to the back burner and forgotten about. Love With Food was unfortunately the box that got forgotten. Seriously I’ve had it since like, the 6th. Whoops.

lwfLove With Food
10$ Plus 2$ Shipping
Ships Early in Month via USPS

lwfflEach Love With Food box comes packed with snacks. This months theme was “Fun at the County Fair,” so it featured pre-packaged fair time food. Love With Food also donates a meal for each box sold/shipped.

lwfinfoThe info card/pamphlet thing contains info on each item, coupons and recipes.

lwfcheezeBack to Nature Crispy Cheddar Crackers
Cheez-its but saltier and with more cheddar flavor. I wouldn’t mind a big bag of these to be honest, they tasted much better than Cheez-its.

lwfnuttyNutty Rice Bites – Blueberries
A lot of people raved about these but I found them hard and teeth shattering. Maybe they baked extra long in the mailbox? I liked the blueberry flavor though. They’re kind of like Rice Krispie treats with blueberries and yogurt covered raisins included.

lwfnutsLove With Food Kettle Sweet Peanuts
Peanuts coated in cinnamon? Maybe sugar? Idk, but they were sweet. A little hard too, where they were partially roasted first.

lwfsmoothieSmooze! Coconut + Pineapple Fruit Ice
I’m not much for tropical and this just reinstated that fact… the consistency was nice overall though.

lwfchipsCovered Bridge Montreal Steak Spice Seasoning Chips
Holy hot chips batman. These are SPICY. They don’t taste like steak seasoning – they taste exactly like BBQ chips but with extra BBQ seasoning. Not bad but I’d prefer something with a little more crunch, these were quite brittle.

lwfskeeterSkeeter Nut Free Cinnamon Grahams
These I loved. They lack that tangy cinnamon kick that most other graham crackers have. Do you remember Dunkaroos? These are basically Dunkaroo cookies. I’ve had a lot of Skeeter cookies before thanks to sub boxes and they’re one of my favorite brands.

lwfcandyYummy Earth Organic Lollipops and Taffy
The taffy is by a different company – one is caramel and the other is green apple. they taste exactly as they sound, kinda ew. The apple is just not my jam. The lollipops were sour and mimicked the fruit flavor they were supposed to represent pretty well with one caveat; the grape brought back bad memories of having colds as a child and being force fed dimetapp.  The pomegranate was deliciously sour though.

lwfallThis box was ‘okay’ but not my favorite as far as snack boxes go. I know a lot of people tend to love this box and I do love the mission it represents by giving a meal back for every box. There were just so many things I personally disliked or found forgettable that I won’t be keeping this subscription. Thanks for reintroducing me to Skeeter and Back to Nature though, I’ll be ordering some goodies from them.

If interested, Love With Food is 12$ per month and you can sign up by clicking here.

Beeju purchased this box. All opinions are my own.


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