Freedom Japanese Market – August 2014 Review

Freedom Japanese Market is another offering in the ever expanding Japanese Snack Box game. They’re an online store specializing in more than just snacks, but very recently expanded to the subscription box market. Freedom Japanese Market very kindly sent me this box to review. ❤

freeallFreedom Japanese Market
25$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships Worldwide Directly from Japan

This company is a little more unique when it comes to subscription boxes. They sell several different sampler packs, including an entire set of DIY kits. The subscription boxes are a mixture of traditional and limited edition kits, and each box will have around a pound of candy. The boxes also come with a little origami crane with “Thank You” written on its wings.

EPSON MFP image EPSON MFP imageEach box comes with an info sheet, which is printed on standard printer paper. The ink bled through to the back but it’s still completely readable.

freehelloHello Kitty Strawberry Marshmallows
These were completely melted and had a very strong strawberry flavor. I couldn’t get them out of the package because they were literally fused to the bag. It looks like they were filled with strawberry jam. I’m not sure I would have liked these, based on the smell alone. Melting is understandable in Summer. It’s been well over 90 degrees per day here.

freecornUmaka! Champion Seafood Ramen Puffs
These are like puffy cheetos but with some seafood seasoning on them. Not bad, the odor is off putting but the taste is very mild.

freecakeSoft Cake – Tiramisu Flavored
The cake itself has a very strong coffee flavor which I wasn’t fond of, but the cream inside was amazing. It tasted like buttercream frosting. There’s a very nice balance with these.

freecorn2Morokoshi Wa Toro
These are mini flavored hollow corn cylinders. They’re a bit flavorless to be honest, but an easy snack at least!

freediyNeruNeruNeru DIY Candy Kit
I sent this kit to D Lys to try since I got it in a different Japanese candy box. It’s a nice interactive kit overall, as long as you follow the instructions. 😉 It’s cotton candy flavored with hard candy on the outside. DIY kits are very very popular and can be really fun to make. To make this, you mix the packets with water, stir with the included spoon and then roll in the hard candies and eat.

Grape flavored candy with pop rocks. What can go wrong, amirite? Don’t put these in your mouth all at once like I did, I thought my teeth were exploding lol. Very nice grape flavor though, one of my favorite treats from this box.

freecocoKokobis Coconut Crackers
They’re hard crackers flavored with coconut. They have an aftertaste that isn’t the best but the cookies themselves were wonderful! They’re buttery and have a mild coconut flavor.

freehichewHi-Chew Cotton Candy Festival Edition
Love love love! Hi-Chew is a type of taffy and it comes in tons of different flavors. This is the traditional hi-chew taffy filled with cotton candy flavored sugar crystals. I absolutely loved this. It tasted exactly like cotton candy.

freekitkatSpecialty KitKats – Strawberry Cheesecake and Matcha
KitKats are one of my most favorite things in the entire world, and Japan does them in very special ways. For those who don’t know, Japan’s kitkats are separated by region, meaning one area of Japan may have one specialty flavor that another region would never make. The Matcha ones seem to be more universal in Japan though. They’re green inside and out and taste like green tea. The strawberry cheesecake Mt. Fuji one was very creamy and buttery, and was pink inside.

freeruskUmaibo Rusk
It’s no secret at all at I am not a fan of Umaibo for the most part. They’re puffed hollow corn sticks and they come in every flavor from squid to cinnamon. This is thankfully a sweet offering and I wish I had more. It’s taste is very reminiscent of a churro. It was absolutely delicious! Umaibo are very light and are easily broken.

freecaraTahato Caramel Corn
Introducing Japanese Cracker Jacks! These were AMAZING and came in such a large bag. They’re very light, crunchy, have a mild caramel flavor and there’s peanuts in the bottom. I ordered another bag of these I loved them so much. From what I’m reading, they’re as common in Japan as Cracker Jacks are in the US.

This was a box of pure love for me. My favorites were the Caramel Corn, the Hi-Chew, the Umaibo, the KitKats and the Coconut Biscuits. If you love Japanese Snack boxes, you’ll love this one. It has an even mixture of both savory and sweet items, limited edition items, and interactive items. I especially loved that there was an even mix of exceedingly common and rare items in this box, plus that crane was such a nice, personal touch!

If you’re not interested in committing to a subscription, Freedom Japanese Market also has several different versions of boxes you can choose from, as well as a shop where you can purchase items individually.

If interested, Freedom Japanese Market is 25$ Per Month and you can sign up by clicking here.

Beeju was sent this complimentary box to review. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.


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