Ipsy – August 2014 Review

ipsyalBeeju and I were bag twins this month. Yay!

$10 Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships Via DHL/USPS

ip0syD Lys: My bag came crumpled into a ball. It has yet to regain its proper shape. At least it looks cute…

Beeju: ❤ it. I love that ipsy sends such a nice variety of bag styles too!

ipsyprimerDr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner

D Lys: It’s minty smelling! I don’t know about this one, I didn’t see much of a difference in my skin and pore. I’ve honestly never used a primer before though (I don’t wear any sort of foundation).

Beeju: It’s ‘aight. I’m not big on primer but I’ve heard excellent things about this brand.

ipsyshamKlorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk

D Lys: I’m saving this for the next time I go on a trip. It should prove useful.

Beeju: It smells like oatmeal 😦

ipsymasUrban Decay Perversion Mascara

D Lys: After the mascara debacle of June’s Ipsy bag I was not thrilled to find more mascara in my bag this month. Given my propensity to react to mascara I stayed away from trying this. It didn’t smell like machine oil, so that’s a plus!

Beeju: I like Urban Decay. I can’t try this yet but I am saving it for when I can. I’m excited about it!

ipsyshadowJ. Cat Beauty Flying Solo Eye Shadow in Half Naked

D Lys: This is a really pretty shimmery nude shadow. I also really like the tiny mirror in this. I don’t wear powder shadows, but the quality of this little guy makes me want to check out this brand’s other products.

Beeju: It’s the same color as my skin so I didn’t open it but I am digging the tiny mirror and brush in the bottom! 😀 I hear good things about this brand so I’ll probably pick up a different shade.

ipsymongo Jersey Shore Sun Mongongo Lip Conditioner

D Lys: Hooray, a lip product! I’m sure it’s just what this month’s bag needs to save it from mediocrity!





This is supposed to be Mandarin Green Orange Ginger. All I get from it is ginger. It’s such a shame, as the formula is fantastic. It’s very, very moisturizing. Were it any variety but ginger I would’ve loved it. I may have to try the Vanilla Coconut variety.

Beeju: Okay yeah beside her obvious hatred for all things ginger, I loved it. It feels amazing, smells amazing, and is easily one of my most favorite items ipsy has ever sent. I NEED THE REST OF THIS LINE.

The Verdict

D Lys: I was not a big fan of this month’s bag. Ginger products two months in a row makes me a sad blogger.

Beeju: I actually liked the bag this month though it wasn’t my favorite overall. I loved the balm and I’m excited to try the mascara. Here’s hoping the bags get better, ipsy seems to be on a bit of a downward spiral as of late.


This post contains referral links. All opinions are our own, and we each paid for our own subscription.


6 thoughts on “Ipsy – August 2014 Review

  1. I got the same bag this month too! The Klorane dry shampoo was the standout for me. I have already ordered a full size one!


    • It seems like this was the most common bag variation this month.

      I wish my bag would’ve arrived a week earlier than it did, the dry shampoo would’ve been perfect to use down in the Caribbean. I wound up just washing my hair around three times a day…>_>


  2. I hope Ipsy Comes to the UK i wanna get a bag each month!! they look awesome! 😀


    • Ipsy isn’t in the UK? D: Do you get any boxes that are similar to ipsy?


      • Nope, there are no boxes that come in any makeup bags at all! its more like boxes filled with makeup instead. i did hear Ipsy said they might come to the uk i know they will deffo have lots of subbies if they do! x


        • They absolutely will… ipsy is one of the most popular subs here in the US. Honestly the bag is probably one of the only things I really like about the sub itself. I hope ipsy comes over soon, shame the UK doesn’t have anything like it. :<


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