Memebox – Cooling Care Review

Memebox (pronounced Mi-Mi-Box) isn’t a typical subscription box. They specialize in one-time Korean beauty boxes curated around specific themes. Memebox very kindly sent us the Special #13 Cooling Care for review. ❤


Memeboxes have several different levels to them. Superbox, Naked Box, Global and Special are just some of the types, and we’ve outlined all of them here in our Colorbox #2 Review. They also recently started doing ready to ship collaboration boxes, which are Naked boxes done by special curators, as well as specialty items that are specific for the US. Memeboxes vary in price depending on type and tend to sell out very quickly, even though many of the boxes won’t ship until a month later. Shipping times vary; it’s worth it to get the express shipping with a bundle because you’ll have your box in 2-4 days. Regular shipping can take weeks depending on customs. Memebox is one of the very few boxes that ships to a huge variety of countries (44 as of this post), making it one of the only truly global boxes on the market.

memeopenThe Cooling Care box is designed for sun damaged skin and contained 5 full size items. It’s the quintessential Summer box!

From Memebox: “This box contains all the essential cooling summer products for the face, body and hair so that you can make the most of your sunny summer getaway! Pamper and soothe overheated skin with products that instantly cool and calm sun damaged skin and also repair the skin from excessive sun exposure!”

EPSON MFP image EPSON MFP imageI promise this top card came in perfect condition. Each Memebox comes with an information card, front and back, detailing each item. It tells its name, usage, and price. Most often the instructions on the products themselves are in Korean. I find that I keep the cards just in case I need a refresher as to what something is and how I use it. I still have my Whole Grain card from awhile back.

memealoeOrgania White Organia Aloe Vera Soothing Gel – 5$
Holy Christmas Cookies this tub is HUGE. I was pretty confused at the info card at first because it says it has cooling products for all parts of your body, including your hair, but there were no recognizable hair products in the box. Aloe Vera has a ton of uses, from face masks to hair conditioning, color me surprised. This is a clear gel and it smells very herbal. I always thought it was just for burn wounds.

mememistThe Skin House Aloe Water Mist – 11$
These mists are gaining popularity as a toner and sometimes as a setting spray, though that depends on the formula. This is a very fine, very soothing mist that is instantly cooling. It’s supposed to hydrate skin and it did do that temporarily. It too, smells herbal, but it’s not overpowering. It’s nice. I’ll probably use it as a toner more than a cooling mist. The info card says you can use it anywhere your skin feels dry. Don’t make the same mistake I did and just spray it on your face from 3 inches away.

memetintN.S.M. Exciting Snow Cooling Tint – 18$
I shoulda figured there would be something peppermint-esque in a cooling box – I mean, peppermint is the mascot of all things cool. At least, the info card says peppermint, but it smells exactly like watermelon. Literally, this looks and feels like you just glued watermelon to your lips. It’s a tint so it’s incredibly heavy handed. It does feel nice, and it is cooling. The color is much more orange than I expected. The card says it also helps to fix bad breath which I find pretty refreshing (get it? :D) about a lip product. I do like the color payoff but I wasn’t crazy about the scent. It’s still pretty nice though.

memeiceSecret Key Intense Ice Sleeping Pack – 22$
This had the NEATEST packaging! It’s a blue tub inside a frosted clear tub to give off that “ice” effect. I spent a good 10 minutes looking at the packaging because I’m a sucker for design. IT’S PRETTY.

This smells a lot like menthol, and is a blue gel that you put on your face before sleep. The info card actually has a time recommendation on when to use it. I tried it last night and it did hydrate quite a bit but I wasn’t crazy about the constant cooling tingle. My face was also oily the morning after (it’s normally dry) so that was an interesting change. Overall I’ll use it because I did like the overall effect. It certainly was hydrating and my face was much brighter the next morning!

memecleanserawesome Aqua Whip Hug Foam Cleanser – 18$
Bubbles! So many bubbles! This is a foaming cleanser made with Canadian glacier water and other Korean ingredients. The cleanser itself almost feels like whipped cream, it’s very soothing. It make my skin feel really clean too. Probably my favorite item from this box.

memeallThis box is sold out in all forms, single and bundles. I liked this box for the most part – the only thing I’m really unsure of is the sleeping mask but that will just take some getting used to. Overall I like the variety of products, since there’s something for every part of the body. Having a big tub of aloe never hurt anything either. It’s probably beneficial to have that around anyway, sunburns and all.

Memeboxes will ALWAYS have a value that exceeds the total cost of the box. Korean cosmetics are some of the best in the world, so you’re sure to find a new favorite item or three. Memeboxes have something for everyone so if this particular box wasn’t your fancy, they have several more on their site ranging in theme from cute to weird and addressing specific concerns like pores or natural.

Memeboxes vary in price and you can pick one or six up by clicking here. Memeboxes are an addiction, you’ve been warned. You can check out the variety of boxes plus some of our past reviews by clicking here as well.

Beeju was sent this complimentary box for review purposes. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.


2 thoughts on “Memebox – Cooling Care Review

  1. This was another box i missed out on, whilst its still pretty good but for me im never ever really in the sun i spend most my days inside my house, but its still looks a pretty decent box! great review! 🙂


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