Birchbox Limited Edition – Mass Appeal Box Review

bbleEvery couple weeks/months Birchbox releases some Limited Edition boxes in their shop. This was one of two for the CEW (basically the Oscar’s of Beauty) and consists of Drugstore goodies. The other box is red colored and features more high-end brands.

bbopenBirchboxes LE boxes are usually pricier than other boxes because they’re specially curated with expensive goodies. This box was a steal at 15$, and it’s still available! It arrives in a larger than normal Birchbox. It shipped the day I ordered it and arrived two days later.

bbcardIt comes with an info card that once again, I can’t get straight.

bbdoveDove gofresh Body Wash in Blue Fig and Orange Blossom
A lot of the reviews I saw of this box (I’m late to the game huhu) really disliked the scent of this body wash. I personally love it. It smells like orange groves. I have no idea what blue fig is. Either way I love this stuff and am getting a full size bottle ASAP.

bbvaseVaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips Balm
Isn’t it cute? This is the tiniest little vaseline tub ever. It works just like you expect vaseline to. It’s shiny and hydrating. It does on much more sheer than the tub suggests too.

bbglossBurt’s Bees Lip Gloss in Spring Splendor
I don’t like this. At all. 😦 I don’t like the color payoff, the scent, or the feel. Shame, because Burt’s Bees is known to be good quality. It makes my lips sting. Get it? Sting? 😀

Moving on…

bbtresTresemme’ Keratin Smooth
There was a time when I was all about the Tresemme’ product line. This works okay as a smoothing serum but it’s nothing spectacular. It’s a bit heavy to be honest, weighs the hair down a lot. I found it left my hair particularly greasy the next day.

bbmasL’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Mascara
This has a funky looking wand. I like the tube and the design but I can’t try it just yet so here’s hoping it lasts awhile.

bbsimpleSimple Protecting Light Moisturizer
I used to use the Simple product line extensively but stopped because they weren’t as effective as some other brands. They’ve changed their formula since then, and this new offering is a much lighter, much thinner formula. It absorbs very clear and quickly. I noticed it made my skin peel a bit too which I actually liked at first. I tend to have bad dry skin around my T-zone and this stripped that dry skin away. I use this under a facial oil, and it’s proven effective. It’s not 100% hydrating but it’s a start.

My only real complaint would probably be that it smells really medicinal. Overall I like it though, and I’ll use it. I may look into the rest of the line since they’ve updated their formula.

bballThis box was a pretty good success for me all things considered. I loved the Dove and the Simple moisturizer. Didn’t care for the Burt’s Bee’s but you can’t win them all. This box is still available and you can pick it up for 15$ plus shipping in the Birchbox shop.

Couple of goodies too –

If you buy this box and it’s cousin you get 5$ off automatically (basically you get the shipping cost free).

If you’re buying just the Mass Appeal box, use code BBSHOP for free shipping. If you’re buying both together use either “welcomeoffer20” or “mobile20” to save on the overall price. If you go over 35$, add a free mystery sample pack! You can use Birchbox points or cash or both.

Are you picking one up?





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