Allure Fall Beauty Box is Coming!

alluyreIt’s about time! The Allure Fall Beauty Box is finally getting released and now we have the entire list of products! Screen cap and info from this thread on MUT. The thread says it’ll be on sale next week, but I’m not sure if that sale is the pre-sale for subscribers or the regular sale open to everyone. Anyone who subs to Allure wanna clarify? 😀

Are you going to try to get this one? With all the controversy surrounding the Summer one I just may pass. This is going to sell out super fast too.


2 thoughts on “Allure Fall Beauty Box is Coming!

  1. Honestly I’m not too impressed. I feel like I could just go to the Walgreens and pick up the ones I would actually use for about the same price. And it seems weird to include two color-specific hair products (for different colors! lol) in a non-customizable box.


    • This box felt like they cleared out the beauty section of walmart. I like some of the stuff in it but it’s not things that aren’t easily acquired on their own. It does seem weird to include color-specific hair stuff… I hope that maybe the Winter/Spring one will have more higher end brands


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