Birchbox – August 2014 Review


10$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships Early/Mid Month via Newgistics

Birchbox is one of the first subscription boxes, and one of the very few with a very generous points program. Birchbox was one of my first boxes and while not every month was for me, I stick around because the return in points is so high. I stockpile the points for Birthday and Christmas gifts.

bbopenLast month Birchbox rolled out the option of choosing a sample. This month they upped the ante a bit by allowing you to choose one of several samples OR the Every Girl box. I chose the Every Girl box despite it having a repeat item in it because I wasn’t crazy about the sample choices. Rather, they were good samples (bronzer, lip stain, etc), but nothing I’d actively use and that left the rest of the box up to chance.

bbcardEach box comes with an info card that’s actually straight. I promise the way I edit the info cards is no indication of my career as a designer. The info card details the price of the item if you were to buy it in full size, which you can do at their shop.

bbhelloHarvey Prince – Hello
One thing you’ll learn about Birchbox is that they have a BFF style friendship with three brands – Coola, SuperGOOP! and Harvey Prince. This was my repeat item, but I love this scent. It’s very citrusy without being too strong. I’d actually just run out of my other sample of this so yay for excellent timing.

bbacureAcure Organics Brightening Facial Scrub
I don’t like the “ocean by a lemon grove” scent of this but otherwise it’s a fine scrub. I couldn’t tell if it made my skin visibly brighter but it did make it feel much cleaner and smoother. It’s a generously sized sample too – it’ll last several washes. It’ll get used. The scent fades pretty quickly. I do like it as a scrub and I like the Acure brand.

bblinerBenefit They’re Real! Push-up Liner
Sadly I cannot use this. A recent eye injury forbids me from any eye makeup for a few months, so hopefully this will still be good since it’s staying sealed.

bbsprayNo. 4. Super Comb Prep and Protect
I felt this had the same issue as other products in the No. 4 line; the pump nozzle isn’t effective because the product inside has a consistency that’s too thick. The product does work though, it’s a perfectly adequate leave-in conditioner but it’s a far cry from the Beauty Protector brand. It’s also expensive and has a medicinal scent. It’ll get used for sure though. I tend to keep a steady supply of this stuff on hand from various brands because I am in constant vicinity of a flat iron.

bbsoapNot Soap, Radio Body Wash

This is easily my favorite item in the box for a coupon of reasons.

1. It’s an aromatherapy body wash with the faint scent of lemons
2. It lathers beautifully
3. It’s wonderfully passive-aggressive

bbbackOnce I read the back of the bottle I ordered the full size. I love the scent, and it’s probably one of my favorite if not my absolute favorite item that Birchbox has sent so far. I wonder if they have other products with passive-aggressive labels?


I hope the customization trend is something that Birchbox keeps up with. It’s proven successful (at least for me), and I’d love to see it stay around. Of course you run the risk of having a couple products you’re not thrilled with but I think it’s that way with all subscriptions.

My favorites are the Harvey Prince and the Not Soap, Radio, while I’m neutral to the rest. Possibly borderline dislike of the scrub because of the scent. Regardless I’ll use it all! The star of Birchbox is their points program. Each review on their site grants you 10 pts which equates to 1$. This box nets me 5$ back, and I paid 10$ for it so I’m technically getting half off. You usually get between 4-7 items and you can stockpile the points. They sell more than just cosmetics too.

If interested, Birchbox is 10$ per Month and you can sign up by clicking here.

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5 thoughts on “Birchbox – August 2014 Review

  1. I got the face scrub and I don’t mind the scent. I don’t like the scent of the comb &protect though and it does not detangle my hair at all. It does feel softer when it dries though.


    • Yeah the No 4 was a miss in general. That scent could have been so much better. :/ Have you tried the Beauty Protector brand? Birchbox sometimes sends that too, and it smells amazing! Works pretty good too


  2. I missed this month on the UK Birchbox, it was ok but wasn’t overly keen on it, i have to admit Birchbox boxes look much better from other countries!


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