Lip Monthly – August 2014 Review

lmbagLip Monthly
10$ Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships Mid-Month via USPS

Lip Monthly. This is a bag that has been plagued with issues since its inception. Granted they’re getting.. “better” by a loose definition of the word, but it’s still a subscription I’d be wary of, you’ll see why below. Welp let’s get to it.

lmcardLip Monthly changed up their packaging after many many many many negative feedbacks about the totally unpractical miniature boxes that didn’t hold all the items they send. Instead they’ve sent out a makeup bag this month that I’m guessing will become the norm. The bag had a really bad plastic odor but it faded after a few hours. The bags still ship in a plain white bubble envelope. It’s a good size bag, a bit bigger than ipsy’s usual offerings. I don’t much care for the design so I probably won’t use it much.

Each bag comes with an info card detailing the items and now you can buy them at their shop. Lip Monthly sends out 3-5 items each month, all full size with the exception of the extra non-lip item, which may be a sample size.

lmcity2City Color Cosmetics – Be Matte Lipstick – 3.99$ – Phoebe
Get ready, clearly Lip Monthly worked with City Color this month because this is the first of three items. I have limited experience with these guys except from Lip Monthly and one random ipsy highlighter. This color is more of a red leaning plum, and it’s got decent coverage although a little patchy. It has an odor that’s kind of like sunscreen (not the coconut scent the other medicinal scent) but otherwise it’s not bad. I’m not sure I’ll reach for this because it’s too dark for me. I tend to lean towards shine and sparkle and this isn’t completely matte but it’s not sheer either. It’s a little drying too. Overall, it’s okay. Not spectacular and there are certainly better lipsticks out there, but okay.

lmjesieJessie’s Girl Liquid Glass Lip Gloss – 4.99$ – Idyllic
This is a nice little gloss. I know you can find this brand in drug stores, they sell it here at RiteAid, but I’ve never tried it. The website says this is a lavender with pink and silver glitter. I’d find that to be totally inaccurate; it’s a very lovely frosted pink that literally looks like ice. It goes on sheer and adds nice shine and hydration. I actually wouldn’t mind this in other shades. Probably my favorite item from Lip Monthly so far and I’ve been getting them for months.

lmcity lmmagicCity Color Cosmetics – Magic Balm – 3.99$
I can’t find this anywhere. It’s not listed on the City Color website at all. The way this supposedly works is it changes color depending on your temperature. It’s technically a hydrating lip balm that goes on very sheer. I found it didn’t do much for me. The tube is cute though, the cap doesn’t like to stay on.

lmewCity Color Cosmetics Lip Balm – 2.99$ – Ultra Pink
Okay, several things about this.
1. Repeat item from last month.
2. It’s filthy.

lmcitycom2You see this? There are noticeable smudges all over the silver holder, pockets of liquid are popping up in the stick itself, and there’s black debris inside the cap. It’s still sealed.

lmcitycomComparison shot with last month (left). I didn’t use last months because it had a strong unpleasant odor, but it at least looked new in package. This new stick though… my pictures can’t properly convey how awful that balm looks. Not only does this make Lip Monthly’s quality control look horrible but it doesn’t make City Color Cosmetics look good either. Granted we don’t know if Lip Monthly got this from City Color or what batch it’s from but it’s still not favorable. Some people suggested it was the heat that caused it but would heat damage cause black debris?

lmpixiPixi by Petra Lid Last Shadow Pen – 18$ – Gilded Mink
This months mix up item is an eyeshadow pen from Pixi. I really like the Pixi brand and own several products from their line thanks to subscription boxes. I like eyeshadow pens in theory but this color is just the right shade of beigey taupe to make it look like I’m recovering from a black eye. Maybe if I had gotten the champagne one I would have been more into this. This product varied by shades and I think by product line; some other reviews I’ve seen have this pen in different packaging.

lmallOkay so is Lip Monthly an improvement over the past several months? Yeaaaaaaaaaaah…. sorta. I’d still be very wary of this box for at least another month or two. It’s clear that they are heading in the right direction with the improved packaging and brands. None of these items were discontinued (save for the magic balm as its no where to be found so its unclear if its discontinued or unreleased), but I didn’t really like how three of the items were from the same brand, and one was a repeat and that repeat was downright unusable.

From what I’m reading their customer service is still severely lacking as well. They’ve gained a bit of a reputation for having some of the worst customer service in the subscription box world with rude agents (agent?), missing/broken items not getting replaced and not taking constructive criticism well.

This bag gives me a smidgen of hope that maybe they’ll become the subscription we all want them to be. Keep sending disgusting lip balm and you’ll go right back on my avoid list though.

If interested, Lip Monthly is 10$ per month and you can save on your first box by using code SUMMERLIPS.

Beeju purchased this subscription. Referral link enclosed. All opinions are my own.


13 thoughts on “Lip Monthly – August 2014 Review

  1. Good post. I am dealing with a few of these issues as well..


  2. I had such terrible experience with them the first three months so I cancelled. I’ll be interested to see if it gets better enough.


    • I give it about 2 more months before I fully cancel. They’re getting better but I could be a bit biased because of all the horrible months they’ve sent previously. They’ve got a lot of ground to make up.


  3. I just got this months bag as well. I heard all the bad stuff about them but figured I would give it a try. I kind of like the City Color Magic Balm- but now I am worried about it- I cannot find the product anywhere…. makes me wonder if it is another discontinued product. I heard they had sent out mostly old discontinued products in the prior bags. I dont want to use a product that could be old and expired!!!


    • They did say they’d stop sending out discontinued stuff, but they didn’t exactly say when. I’m hoping that magic balm is an inclusive in-store item or just unreleased altogether yet. Since they worked directly with City Color it’s not entirely impossible that they got a brand new item, though it is improbable.

      Either way they’re getting “better” from previous months!


  4. My gosh!! they do it to themselves how can a company send filthy makeup out its soooo gross!! i would be so ashamed if that was my company i couldn’t do that to people. Everything should be right the first time shouldn’t take months to adjust! i was really thinking about getting signed up few weeks ago but with so many bad reviews and ongoing i think its a miss for me. x


    • I would too, I gotta wonder where the quality control was. Nevermind the fact they sent out a repeat item which is basically a cardinal sin in the beauty box world. :/

      I’m hoping the box will get better. In going from May to now they have improved although slightly. They went from getting product from wholesale sites to getting current stuff so that’s a plus.

      Just yeah if there’s another bad apple in September’s bag, I’m ditching these guys.

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