Thursday Thoughts

TTGood-copyLinking up with Jen at Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts.

Today’s topics: School and Is my postal worker holding my packages hostage: part 1 of the epic saga.

Tomorrow I start my Master’s degree 😦 I’m both nervous and incredibly anxious at the same time; I’ve been out of school for several months now and have managed to do absolutely nothing related to my portfolio or anything. I also ordered my textbook two weeks ago and my order was subsequently cancelled with no warning whatsoever, THANKS FOR THE OVERNIGHT CHARGE. 😦 Did I need to overnight it? Probably not but book rental places are notoriously slow. Slower than HauteLook slow. I rented a book last year for my history class and I got it on the last day of the class. Thankfully that professor let me use my phone and rent an e-book but not all professors are that willing.

So I’ve seen a huge increase in packages over the last couple of months because blog, which I think has prompted my postal worker/post office to hold them. At first it was just when I got Memeboxes (You have to sign for the review boxes), then it was when I had more than 3 boxes and now its if I have even one. The worst part is I don’t get notified until after the PO has closed and have to wait the next day. I know my sudden influx of mail has become a bit of a hassle, but you can’t deliver one little box that will fit nicely in my mailbox with room to spare? You used to. ;_; We used to be buddies, Mr. Mailman.

We also don’t have traditional mail trucks here, our mailman uses his volkswagen jetta.

I live in a small, one road town. Lol.

Regardless my Birchbox is sitting at the post office, cold and lonely. Don’t worry little one, I’ll pick you up today.

I know I’ve said it before but I dislike when a company says “Your package has shipped!” when the tracking doesn’t update for days. Lip Factory is the worst for that – you’d get that e-mail a good 5 days before it moved out of the warehouse. I know that’s not something they can necessarily control because the items move out in batches, but its still mildly irritating.

You may remember from last week my sudden eye injury (chemical burns, 0/10 would not recommend), I’m much better except that I’m now banned from all eye makeup. No mascara, no shadow, no primer, no eye creams. Nothing. Nada. I’ll gladly do it to keep my eyesight though. Probably going to be a giveaway of eye products I’ll be inevitably getting pretty soon too.

Reviews Coming Soon: Birchbox August and LE
Boxes Coming Soon: Fortune Cookie Soap, Love With Food, Like 4 Memeboxes, Lip Monthly and I legit can’t even remember what I’m subbed to at this point

4 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Good luck with classes! I don’t get syllabi until Aug 25th (the first day) and I’m like hello, I need to order my books!


    • Thankye! Good luck to you too! 😀
      My school is a little different, they posted the needed materials a month ago with convenient links to their heavily overpriced bookstore. My undergrad school did that though – no books until the first day and you had to have them for the second day.

      That got annoying fast.


  2. Good luck tomorrow!!! You’ll do fine! 😀


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