Orange Glad – August 2014 Review

Orange Glad is one of my all-time favorite subscriptions. It’s a box full of bakery goodies from across the country.

OGAUGOrange Glad Sweet Box
21.95$ (Shipping Included)
Ships Beginning of Month via USPS

ogfirstlookPeople that travel with me know that I am an absolute terror after arriving, the sole reason being that I will harp about a local bakery for hours until one is found. I’m awful that way – I once roadtripped 100 miles away just to go to a bakery opening. I went on another roadtrip about 500 miles away with my friend and her niece just to ditch them for a culinary school demo. I’m also that jerk that has to have dessert when everyone else is finished.

TL;DR Don’t travel with me. D Lys you’ve been warned.

One of my long range dreams is to open a bakery too. My mom has won awards for her candies and cookies and I keep trying to get her into that market but she refuses, even after getting many a lucrative offer. I dunno why, it’s not like these are secret family recipes or anything.

Anyway what this incredibly lengthy lead in is trying to tell you is that I love bakery goods. I also really, really love this subscription. It’s easily my favorite and has been my favorite since I started getting it earlier this year. When people ask me what’s the first box they should subscribe to, this is my answer every time.

ogcard ogcard2Each box opens to reveal an info card detailing the items included, their perish date, ingredients and a coupon. Use code YUMMY10 to get 10% off your new subscription.

ogcuteOrange Glad has been switching up their packaging the last few months. At first there was items wrapped in orange tissue paper in a plain cardboard box, then came the white box shown above (before the monologue), and now they include adorable wrapping!

Each Orange Glad box features between 4-6 sweets (depends on the sweet). You can choose to double your goodies for a couple dollars more.

ogpizzPetrone’s Pizzelles – Lemon
These look and taste just like ice cream cones dipped in lemon sugar. They have the same texture, the same flakiness. They’re absolutely delicious. They make several different flavors and a 10 pack is a little over 4$, so they’re a great price too.

oglecheEl Camino Real Bakery – Dulce De Leche Delight
This brand sells in Costco, so that’s pretty neat. The pastry itself is very buttery and flaky. It’s a cookie filled with a thick caramel flavored mixture (Dulce De Leche is technically caramelized sugar and milk), but I didn’t much care for that. I would have loved these if they were without filling. I feel like the filling was too heavy for this already heavy cookie.

ogmacaEl Camino Bakery – Organic Coconut Macaroon Bars
These are a hefty bar and are very moist. They taste just like a traditional macaroon. I would have liked my coconut a little more toasted to give it a richer flavor, but good nonetheless.

ogcookieBev’s Biscochitos
Omg these were absolutely perfect! They’re traditionally a New Mexico specialty served at Christmas. I need to order so many more of these… they’re very soft on the inside, with just a slightly crunchy exterior. The cinnamon coating is very light and not overpowering in the slightest. Overall an excellent cookie. I loved these.

ogchocLiz Lovely Chocolate Mousse Dragon Cookie
I can’t seem to find this exact cookie on the website. Maybe it sold out? Either way this is a vegan bakery, and like all vegan confections, it’s heavy on the dense texture with rich punch-you-in-the-gut heaviness. I could only get through half of the cookie before stopping – it’s that sugary. Nevermind the fact it has an entire outer layer of sugar, plus chocolate chips inside. This is reminiscent of previous Orange Glad vegan offerings, dense dense dense. This cookie could be a weapon. Clearly this cookie wasn’t for me but they do have other varieties, like chocolate chip, that I’d love to try.

ogallI love this subscription. I never knew about the bischochitos or the pizzelles before I got this box. I could have done without the vegan cookie weapon but sometimes you just get misses, but it’s pretty rare.

If interested, Orange Glad is 21.95$ Per Month, and you can sign up by clicking here. Use code YUMMY10 for 10% off your subscription, or you can use my referral code for a 5$ credit: Bethanyog3856

Beeju paid for this subscription. All opinions are my own. No referral/affiliate link.


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