KitNipBox – August 2014 Review

In hindsight, I should have done this review on World Cat Day (international cat day? Cat appreciation day??) but here’s this months KitNipBox.

9$/19$/29$ – Free Shipping
Bills Only Once Shipped

Ships First of Month
Warning: Photo Heavy Post Ahead

knbbox2KitNipBox is one of my favorites. It’s a box exclusively for cats. All of their products are curated to ensure a safe and happy experience for the kitties. No need to worry about that pesky tainted food from overseas – KNB won’t send it, ever. Their boxes are filled with only the safest and healthiest goodies. Your cats will know this box is theirs, too. Mine did.

KitNipBox comes in three sizes, the 9$ Starter Box, the 19$ Happy Cat, and the 29$ Multi-Cat. I subscribe to the 19$ Happy Cat box for my four little monsters. They are, in order by age, Luna the Shorthaired Ginger, Artemis the Huge Maine Coon, Discha the Slightly Less Huge Maine Coon (same litter as Arte, she has a lion cut right now), and Sophie the Super Timid Siamese Tabby Mix. I’m sorry, I’m lame. My name is Beth and my children have paws. I AM NOT ASHAMED. #KitNipBoxMom

knbbagEach box opens to reveal a tissue paper wrapped organza bag with goodies inside. I wish I had gotten a photo of the super cute packaging but..

knbedDischa wasn’t having it. This paper was promptly ripped out of the box by Arte, then she proceeded to steal it from him and make it her bed. She’s a bit of a diva.

knbcardknbincardEach box also comes with a thank you card. They started this pretty recently, so I’m guessing each box will have a different themed card in it.

knbinfoUnder the organza bag is an info sheet detailing all the items in each box, regardless of which tier you purchased.

knbfeliFeliway Wipes
I have needed these so much. Artemis is a gentle giant most of the time but put him in a carrier and he turns into a 25lb terror. When I moved last year to my current house with the terrible rugs he had a panic attack. This is going straight in his carrier next time he has a vet visit. I’m probably going to pick up a couple more of these if they work as well as I think they will (yay coupons!). Loving the tortitude on the brochure too.

KNBTOYSFeather Mouse
Something you’ll notice about KNB is that a lot of the toys they send are unbranded. It makes them no less effective but it can be difficult to find another one should the one they send get inevitably destroyed. Anyway, this is a good size mouse and they seemed to enjoy batting it around. Anything with feathers is a win in our house.

knbmouseBoth of my girls loved the mouse. It’s catnip stuffed too!

Strawberry Catnip Toy
“Hand crafted by a pair of artisans in Warrenton, VA. Each flannel strawberry is filled with organic bamboo and organic catnip.”

They didn’t seem to care for this. Normally they love catnip toys but when they batted it around, it got lost under furniture very easily due to its size. To be honest, I have no idea where it is right now. I also didn’t get any photos of them playing with it, unfortunately. I imagine this toy is much better suited to a kitten, not a couple of behemoths.

Whale Loofah Toy
This is more of a teeth cleaning toy, which is great, but they only played with the feather. It took some coaxing for them to play with this and they did start the bunny kicks!

knbwhale (2)They also started the death glares and paw threats. My cats aren’t good at sharing.

knbtreatsHonest Kitchen Grace Cat Food
This is an all-natural powder that you’re supposed to mix with water to make into a paste like consistency. They liked it okay, it looked and smelled like cat food but was human grade. I like that this is safe for kitties with special diet requirements too.

Smart N’ Tasty All Natural Treats
Oooooooh my gosh.

knbidontfitsHis reaction when I pulled the treats out of the bag. He does not fit in that box. He may think he does but no, he does not sits if he fits. He doesn’t fits.

knbarteHe’s in love.

knbtreatThey LOVED these treats, it’s unreal. Artemis kept trying to take the bag away from me, that’s how much he enjoyed them. I personally love that these are teeth cleaning treats. We’ve tried them before but they never seem to go for them, maybe because of their odor? Maybe they taste too medicinal?

knbyumEither way he approves and we ordered 4 more bags. This has to be one of his most favorite KitNipBoxes ever.

knbnopeThen a sudden storm came and I lost their attention. Thunder makes cowards of us all. ACTION SHOT.

KitNipBox is always a hit in our household, and it never ceases to make our kitties happy. If you got the Multi-Cat Box (29$), then you also got a crochet fish, and a catnip cigar. I think the fish is from the same artisan that made last months mouse, but I’m not entirely sure. If you got the Starter Box (9$), then you got the Whale Loofah, the Feliway Wipes and the Smart N’ Tasty treats. Regardless of which box you choose, you’re always getting an excellent deal that your cat will absolutely love.

I’ve had the pleasure of talking to their customer service before, and they are easily the nicest people you will ever meet. Follow their facebook/instagram/twitter too, they post a LOT of cat pictures. In fact, they encourage you to share your own! 😀 You’ll see quite a few from my furkids on there too.

We ❤ KitNipBox.

If interested, KitNipBox is either 9$, 19$ or 29$ and you can subscribe by clicking here.

Beeju purchased this subscription. All opinions are my own. No referral/affiliate link.



6 thoughts on “KitNipBox – August 2014 Review

  1. Your cats are adorable 🙂 Wish we had something like this in the UK


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