Oishii Box – August 2014 Review

Oishii Box is yet another new Japanese Snack box hybrid, that mixes both snacks and the occasional Kawaii (cute) themed item.

oishiiboxOishii Box
12$ Per Box – Free Shipping!
Ships Beginning of Month via USPS

Oishii Box is pretty great. They donate a portion of their proceeds to UNICEF, or if you contact them, your charity of choice. They’re also willing to customize boxes and participate in fundraisers. That’s pretty impressive and different for a subscription box, all things considered. Oishii Box isn’t a traditional subscription box just yet; they’re still working on that model, but for now you can buy your boxes in advance, one at a time.

oishiiopenThe boxes are decently sized and absolutely packed. Typically they include a mix of both cute items (usually erasers or keychains) and snacks. The August box was only snacks.

oishiiinfoEach box comes with a paper info card, folded accordion style. They do list a disclaimer at the top of the page telling you not to consume if you’re unsure of the ingredients – another feature I like about this box. Each item is translated with product names and full ingredient listings.

A note before we continue; This box contained a Creme Brulee’ KitKat, which being that I was super hungry and lacked a camera at the time, I chowed it down before taking photos like a responsible blogger. Apologies!

oishiioreoOreo Soft Cookie
I vaguely remember the US having a very similar version of these in mini form quite a few years ago. These had matcha (green tea) filling and we’re really pretty tasty. It was moist, but the filling was sparse.

Japan’s version of jelly beans! These are a mix between sweet and tart and had flavors of grape, lemon, raspberry and maybe orange? I can’t tell if it’s orange or a tangerine to be honest. Either way these were really good. They’re about half the size of a regular jelly bean. They’re softer than regular jellybeans too. I wonder if these come in different flavors… I may need a dozen bags..

oishiikittyHello Kitty Biscuits and Cream
These are a play on Yan-Yan, a Japanese treat that’s essentially a cookie you dip in chocolate and eat. These contain about half the chocolate of a Yan-Yan and the cookie itself leans more toward shortbread while being half the width. It’s an okay treat but I would have liked it to have much more chocolate dip. I ran out of dip well before I ran out of cookie sticks.

Did I mention I love Hello Kitty? I absolutely love all things Sanrio so these were an instant win for me. The container was a thick plastic instead of a cardboard (Yan-Yan is cardboard), so I wonder if it was maybe collectable?

oishiipretzPretz – Pizza Flavored Breadsticks
These are basically pocky sticks without the candy coating, and they’re made by the same company (Glico). They’re thin, crunchy breadsticks. These have a lot of mushroom flavoring. Not bad! I wouldn’t call these a viable substitute for the real thing though they’re a good snack and the package was packed with at least 20-40 sticks.

oishiipretz1Pretz – Fried Breadsticks
These taste a lot like pretzels, but saltier and with a light crunch. These would probably be excellent with some kind of marinara sauce! I love that you get a ton of sticks in the package. These didn’t last long, they were so good!

Rice Crackers
Today in the “Beeju forgot to take a photo” files (look below for a group photo), we have Rice Crackers. They’re coated in a spicy powder, and have the texture of popcorn. Pretty nice crackers to be honest, and I normally really dislike senbei. Maybe it’s the shape?

oishiiallI really liked this box, and I especially loved the price point. Oishii Box is very similar to Skoshbox in the fact that they’re both 12$ a month, but Skoshbox is more of a variety traditional sampler and Oishii Box is more of a specialty with full size items. Oishii Box still has the September box in stock if interested, I ordered mine! 😀

Oishii Box ships from directly in the US and takes a few days to arrive. At 12$ a box, it’s very affordable and absolutely worth it. The August box was especially kid and travel friendly too. A lot of the items were resealable and very generously portioned.

You can get the September box while it’s still in stock by clicking here. Oishii Box accepts payments through PayPal.

Beeju purchased this subscription. All opinions are my own. No referral/affiliate link.


3 thoughts on “Oishii Box – August 2014 Review

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  2. wish we had boxes like that here in the UK such great concept also with the donating. pretty good box lots of yummy goodness!


    • There are a couple of these japanese snack boxes that ship internationally but as far as I can tell they don’t benefit such nice causes (yet?). Hopefully Oishii goes international soon, it’s such a great box 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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