Ipsy – Early Access to your Glam Room!

Yo it’s Beeju’ Pirateju here with a special announcement – you can unlock early access to your glam room if you’re so inclined. Just login to ipsy, share a post on facebook and subscribe to their youtube channels (protip – just hit submit without subscribing unless you’re into honesty (protip 2 – you can delete the facebook post after idk why a place insists on advertising when it has a waitlist longer than most doctors offices)) and your glam room should be live.


Here’s what I’m getting:


The bag itself is adorable. Are you happy with your bag?


9 thoughts on “Ipsy – Early Access to your Glam Room!

  1. We are getting the same bag! I am excited about the pore refiner and dry shampoo. I really wanted the glamglow though!

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    • I wanted one of the lip balms in the tins and the blush. People are going crazy for that glamglow though, apparently the full size is really expensive?


  2. Thanks for this tip! I’m so impatient, I love finding out as soon as possible. Looks like you got a pretty good bag!



    • I’m pretty impatient myself lol. I do like the bag but I’ll probably try to swap a few things 😛 Did you like yours?


      • I just checked and I got the same bag as you! Good thing I liked it! The only thing I’m not sure about is the eye shadow, I already have a ton, and I’m pretty picky. Now I just have to wait for them to actually send it, lol.


        • Oh great! 😀 I’m picky with my eye shadow too, I tend to only like shimmer shades and I’m about 90% sure these are matte. I wonder if them unleashing the glam room this early this month is to make up for being lateish in sending out the bags last month

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