The Lipstick Crate – July Review

Hi all, D Lys here. Beeju’s going to be dictating a few reviews to me this week. Here’s the first of the bunch.lcallcard

The Lipstick Crate
$30.00 + $2.99 S&H (This was the Addict Gift Crate – a one-time box)
Ships the last week of the month

The Lipstick Crate is yet another box that doesn’t seem to advertise. They’ve been out since December, but reviews of this box seem to be few and far between. There’s a couple of reasons for this. One of the reasons is that it’s much more expensive than regular boxes (the cheapest tier box is $23 + $3 S&H). The Lipstick Crate arrives in a pink bubble mailer, just like Ipsy. For some strange reason, the text on the info card was cut off on the right side.

lcpinaStila Lip Glaze in Piña Colada – $5

As far as I can tell, this color is only found in the Summer Lip Glaze Trio in the Read My Lips set. That being said, both of us are absolute whores for Stila Lip Glaze. This color is no exception, and is a nice light tan shimmer with green glitter. It smells like coconuts. Two thumbs up. Or at least they would be up if they weren’t gleefully grabbing and sniffing this.

~If you like piña coladas~ (I’m sorry, Beeju made me do it!)


L.A. Colors Chunky Lip Crayon in Baby Pink – $3

This is a newer product from L.A. Colors. This particular shade is a very Barbie pink. The pencil has a very waxy consistency, and it smells like cheap back alley imitation vanilla. Meh.


Sephora Glossy Lip Pencil in Glossy Pink – $10

This pencil probably would be better off being labeled as a tinted balm. It just doesn’t seem to have much color. It’s so waxy that I could have sworn that I was coloring in my lips with a crayola crayon. What color it does have is shimmery, and I do appreciate that this is an item currently found in stores.


Tarte Mini Gloss in Elate – $2.50 

This gloss is a current product, but is only available as part of a 15-piece set. It’s sticky and bubblegum pink. It also smells like peppermint, which is a point of contention between the two of us (peppermint is awesome, LEAVE PEPPERMINT ALONE).

lcklean KleanColor Everlasting Lipstick in Barely Pink – $2

To put it bluntly, this is nothing you want in a lipstick. The color payoff is really terrible, and it has an artificial baby powder odor. Even the cap is flimsy. Isn’t there anything else that I’ll like in this box?

lcblackRuby Kisses Lipstick in Black Diamond – $1



1. This brand no longer exists.

2. The wholesale website I found it on flat out lists it as a Halloween color.

3. WTF?


From top to bottom: KleanColor, Sephora, and Tarte


The total value of this box was roughly $22.50. I paid $33. Woof. Based on value alone, this box just isn’t worth it. Even the almighty power of Stila Lip Glaze couldn’t save this month’s box in our eyes.

Beeju purchased this box. All opinions are my own. No referral link.




2 thoughts on “The Lipstick Crate – July Review

  1. Thanks! You saved me some money here! Was thinking about this one – uhm nope!!


  2. What a bummer. I would be annoyed to have paid $33 and that black lipstick is ridiculous.


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