Zoya Polish Mini-Review



It’s nail polish time!

I love nail polish. However, up until about a month ago I had never even heard of Zoya. Upon seeing the website and realizing that it had pretty much every color polish imaginable, I knew I had to try some. The three colors I purchased were Meadow (a gorgeous shimmery nude), Muse (a glittery medium blue), and Zuza (a metallic teal).

I apologize in advance for the crappy photos. My hands just wouldn’t stop shaking. I also have terrible aim, so prepare for some sloppy nails!

20140723_202047This photo was taken after one coat of polish. Meadow was completely opaque, Zuza was about 90% opaque, and Muse was very translucent, but looked fantastic that way.

After a second coat, Meadow and Zuza showed only minimal differences. Muse completely transformed, however, and might just have cemented itself a place in my favorite colors.

I found these polishes to be relatively fast drying, which was a huge plus for me (I have absolutely no patience to wait for my nails to dry). With a top coat, Meadow and Zuza chipped after about 4 days, while Muse took around 6 days. I thought the formula had a great consistency to it, and that the polish dried with a good luster. I’ll definitely be buying more Zoya in the future. As always, my wallet weeps.


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