New Memebox – CutiePieMarzia!


There’s another new collaboration Memebox out – this time it’s a special curation by CutiePieMarzia. CPM is the ever YouTube famous PewDiePie’s girlfriend. This box is a naked box and it also ships immediately, so jump on this if interested while it’s still in stock. It’s SUPER CUTE!


1. BEAUTY PEOPLE Snow White Special Edition Season 2 [Glimmer Black, Glimmer Brown, Glimmer Bronze, Glimmer Gold, Glimmer Beige] 1.6g*5ea
Full size product: 1.6g*5ea, ($54)

2. SHARASHARA Petit Friend Tinted Balm PK01 Crown Pink 20g
Full size product: 20g, ($8)

3. IT’S SKIN Babyface Cotton Primer 35ml
Full size product: 35ml, ($9)

4. IT’S SKIN Babyface Volumer Essence 30ml
Full size product: 30ml, ($11)

5. L.VIDA Nail Polish LC-34 Pink Orange 10ml
Full size product: 10ml, ($6)

6. PURE SMILE GeleeLaboStrawberry 12g
Full size product: 12g, ($1)

Click here to get it!

Coupon: 5$ OFF ANY ORDER – QIC7SA (Valid 8/1 – 8/31)


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2 thoughts on “New Memebox – CutiePieMarzia!

  1. those two little bottles with the wings are too stinkin cute!


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