Lip Factory Inc – July 2014 Review


Lip Factory Inc
22$ Per Month – Free Shipping
Ships Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate in Month via USPS

Oof this box. Thiiiiiis box. Normally I love Lip Factory, I mean, their May box was absolutely amazing and has introduced me to two brands I absolutely love and compulsively need to hoard more of, but this box… this box is a moderate improvement over the June but …. eh… this box man. Lip Factory I love you and all, but I feel like we need a break.


This is Lip Factory’s 2nd anniversary, which happened to be the same month as their quarterly lip box, so they’ve announced they’re skipping it until Q4.

lfcardYes yes happy birthday Lip Factory!


Each box comes with an info card, but the colors often vary between items. This box was no exception when it comes to the different color game. Some boxes were more cohesive, others were “whoa what the hey now” out there. That’s a common thing with Lip Factory though – sometimes you’ll get amazing colors for you and other times you’ll get neon green when you have sky blue eyes, no big deal.


OFRA Lipliner in Silk
This is a very light rose color that leans more towards nude. OFRA states that this can be used as either a lipliner or an eyeliner, but idk, it doesn’t seem creamy enough for use as an eyeliner. The color is really nice though there are better quality liners. I feel like this brand has been in a lot of boxes lately too.


Palladio Brow Fix Pencil
I couldn’t find this anywhere, so I can assume it’s probably discontinued. It’s a clear eyebrow pencil that’s meant to hydrate to make them look fuller. I have zero idea how this works. I don’t mind my incredibly thin eyebrows so I didn’t even open this. I guess it’s useful to have though?

Palladio Eye Shadow Liner Crayon – Champagne
This is a white eyeshadow pencil that can be used as an eyeshadow base. I have a white pencil already so this too, was unopened. This is another item I can’t seem to find anywhere.


EcoLips EcoTints Lip Balm – Rose Quartz
I’m always up for getting more lip balm, especially such a pretty, marbleized, natural balm, but holy alpacas this just REEKS of peppermint. If you read my July BB5 review you know that I absolutely hate peppermint scented anything so… this is getting gifted. Reports say that all the colors smell the same. This one came in a variety of colors.


Pari Beauty Eye Shadow – Babyface
I actually really like Pari Beauty as a brand (It’s Canadian – Hi Canada!) and I love their lipsticks. Their eyeshadows leave a ton to be desired. I have several pink eyeshadows already and this was already claimed by a lady in my facebook group so it’s going to her. This was one of the items that had a huge variance in colors. I’ve gotten a couple of Pari eyeshadows from Lip Factory and they’re not pigmented as well as I’d like.

lfjcat Wonder Lip Paint – Blabberwocky
Keyword: paint. It looks, feels, smells, and has the consistency of latex paint. It’s probably just me, but I can never get used to this types of lip products – same with the stains. I prefer plain old gloss. :/ This is a product best applied with a brush and a little goes a LONG way. It’s a lovely color but the smell is what turns me off.


beautyADDICTS Sweet Lips Lip Gloss – Express Ginger
I tend to gravitate towards beige/gold/copper color lip glosses so this was perfect for me. I love the color payoff and the shimmer, but I hate the smell. It almost has a nail polish smell. This is supposedly 17$ for what is essentially half a tube of gloss. It’s an okay gloss, it’s not sticky in the least, but I don’t think I’ll be reaching for it.

beautyADDICTS Sweet Lips Lip Gloss – Motivate Lilac
This is a light lilac color that leans much more toward pink, but it has a faint shimmer to it. This smells infinitely better than the ginger.


Swatches – Lip Paint, Lilac, Ginger, EcoTint, OFRA.



Yeah this was an off box for me. This is one of the first months where the majority of the items appeared to be discontinued. I’ve been with Lip Factory for quite awhile, and those beginning boxes were wonderful, but lately it seems as if they’ve been focusing much more on quantity instead of quality. Having 8 items worth 70 something dollars for the price of 22$ is a nice deal and all, but if it’s not any items you’ll willingly use then it’s more like you’ve thrown your money away.

Lip Factory does have the option of buying past boxes, so I’ve cancelled with the anticipation that I’ll buy a box that I actually like when it comes out. Lip Factory is still a great subscription box overall and like all sub boxes, sometimes they just have an off month or two. I tend to like them better when they throw in UK brands or a good mix of products. What really threw me this month was the odor of the items – some of them were really off to me, and honestly I would have used them if they would have had better odors. I would have been happy with 3 less items if they were current/different brands/not lip or eye related, but I digress. If interested, Lip Factory is 22$ per month, and you can sign up by clicking here.

Beeju purchased this subscription. All opinions are my own. No referral link.



2 thoughts on “Lip Factory Inc – July 2014 Review

  1. I don’t understand why they are sending out things that aren’t lip products… Is that the norm? Also, I think they were sending out discontinued products, and everyone complained… So now they’re promising to never do that again.


    • They used to send out pretty much everything you could think of and the all lip product boxes were quarterly. They had such a nice variety before. I hope they don’t do the discontinued thing again, the last thing we need is a more expensive lip monthly. :/


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